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  1. I wonder if they plan to continue Hero Factory next year beside Bionicle? Seems like the two might step on each others toes if they run both themes.
  2. It was not an easy vote by any stretch. Keep on making awesome stuff Lord Oblivion!
  3. A very good lot of MOCs, you guys are not making this easy XD Keep on making this stuff, it's a lot of fun to look through these gallaries!
  4. So I would assume this mask weighs more than the plastic ones, does it comfortably fit and hold up on one of the toa mata heads?
  5. Heck yes! I loved this game, so much nostalgia playing this again
  6. That sounds very painful.Glad to see they got the foreign object out of the poor kid.
  7. Yah. Breakout Wave 2 sets are way better than the Wave 1 sets. It seems like the creators are getting better on how to improve their products. That's a good thing if you want the products to sell well.I wouldn't call BO2 "better" than BO1, but some of the common design traits are better. I still think Rocka is the best hero in either BO; the addition of one of the jungle planet claws on the back of Core Hunter instead of a foot peice really makes him seem well built and not see through like some villans, and I hope they keep up with trends like this.Hopefully there will be a 4th year, I do really want to see what they come up with next, since 3.0 had such great improvements on the 2.0. (I just hope they don't get stuck in 3.0 like they did with Inika style bodies)
  8. I like the new theme. It does seem like the forums of old again but with some functional improvments
  9. A glorious day indeed!Happy Birthday BZP, let's hope for another 11 more years!
  10. ...Gonna be honest, that sounds a little dark for Hero Factory. Sounds like the kind of thing I'd expect the Master to use in Doctor Who. They sometimes seem to make villian plans very dark, so it removes the moral abiguity of them being maybe/maybenot evil. Destroying the entire universe= unquestionably evil. Makes it easy to make stock enemies I guess?
  11. I like this radical new direction LEGO is taking their products. Innovating for the future and all that good stuff!
  12. Yeah, really creepy <<One of the most bizarre looking sets I have ever seen.
  13. Brutaka. I still love his blue and gold color scheme, and he looks so flipping cool.After that, probably 2003 Makuta. Though that set just has nostalgia value to me, though it kind of started the Titan thing.
  14. I always love your shirts. I'll have to come to brickfair one year just to buy a bunch XD
  15. These are looking mighty fine, especially the villains. I wasn't a big fan of the jungle theme, but I might have to reconsider winter.
  16. Breeding for a near perfect is far too inefficient though, chances of getting a 31/31/31/31/31/31 is somewhere in the millions. RNGing is just a way to improve those odds a lot. Though some who are better at it then myself can get a perfect in not time. It really depends on experience. Also, catching perfects is considerably easier, especially stationary legendaries. RNG breeding is the worst due to frames. NPCs moving is the main problem. The method while hard to pick up does work and is fun to get a perfect. So far I managed to get myself a perfect Hydreigon, ditto, scizor, and Gliscor (with poison heal).Can also be used to get shinys too if that's ones deal, though there still isn't a good way to get them in Gen 5. No ones figured out how to guess ones secret ID without some cheating device.
  17. EV training doesn't seem like that big a deal anymore to me since I started RNGing my pokes. Can take days to generate one with perfect IVs x-x (only if your bad at hitting seeds like I am) Also, power items and pokerus can make EV training only take an hour or two. Not really a bad deal then.
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    greatest sig ever XD

  19. woohoo! Go Patapon! That game was great, I can't wait till the 2nd one.

  20. Woohoo, Golden Sun Rocks!

  21. Either Bass from battle network, or X

  22. Solo

    Hey, thanks, Ill check that out

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