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  1. Definitely harder to get the motivation for things when everything seems less important by not being in your face as much.

    As far as databases go, I definitely remember them not being super interesting, until I started to actually create my own database on the side and fill it with... actual data. Databases can be mundane and tiring, but the data, on the other hand... that can really be interesting and motivating. At least when you find the right data to store. It's a shame that motivating projects and school projects rarely overlap.

  2. While I don't really remember ever interacting with you (No offense, there are lot of subcommunities on this site, and it's been years since things were very active), major props for going out on a limb and saying out in public what most people (I hope) have thought in private at one point or another when revisiting this site - that our younger selves all too often made many stupid mistakes due to various factors (Who knew a bunch of teens would ever do or say things they'd regret?)

    Recognizing one's actions and views from long ago were mistaken is good, as it shows how much one's character has grown, and I think it's important to normalize accepting that growth. I'm sure I'm not saying anything you haven't been thinking yourself for a while now, but I figure the best feedback for someone speaking out into the void is to reciprocate with some void-spewing of my own. Stay safe out there!

  3. Not all problems can be solved easily or quickly, and mental illness is an enormous challenge.  Use your past as a reminder of not how you once were, but of how far you have come since then.  Don't regret how long it may have taken to get where you are, be glad of how much you have been able to overcome.


    I hope my words can show the empathy of someone who has had a journey too familiar to this, and I wish you good luck with the rest of your battle.


    Alright! Hope your new job doesn't mean you'll have to cut back on your activity on sites like BZP.

    Isn't there a policy? =/ It's not like he'd be on here in his capacity as an employee like Greg was, but rather outside his job as a civilian, but that might not signify.


    I like how we call people civilians as if being a lego employee is equivalent to being enlisted, and they might leak vital military lego intel.

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  5. Server ate my comment. =(


    ooo board games. May I ask what game it was?

    Some indie one or something...  Munchkin..?


    Nothing classic, kinda like a very watered down tabletop rpg made into a card game with a tiny board.


    Sounds like quite a game of Go Fish.

    1v1 me club p3ng1un m8

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