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  1. I say a word and you say the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of that word, if it is very random, then explain why. etc. see the old topic for more explanation starter word: space
  2. woah, alot bigger topic. will try out soon keep it up! this subforum is my favorite and we need more topics, like cyan productions and biotech productions
  3. ya, they really didnt even have a climax to the story, i mean, did the sensei guys survive?did mecha 1 win? did our heroes get killed? they left it all in the blank
  4. i'm sorry i had no idea you were a winner from march
  5. no, like different, custom graphics, like in minecraft and terraria.
  6. i was like, oh great another april fools joke. then i checked calender and i've been on the forums posting ever since
  7. The title of the topic seems self-explanitory, and try not to spam my favorite exo force character was Ryo, and his epic mechs and tank, whats you favorite character or mech?
  8. oh, well, is there any way that you would be able to have people send in texture packs for the games, THAT would be cool!
  9. my first memory of bionicle was walking into a toy-r-us and having my mind lown at how many toa there were. i remember getting lewa, but the others i forgot.
  10. ya, I suggest getting in the steam group for bzp that takuma made
  11. yay! ive been watching your biocraft videos recently, and I CANT WAIT!so, how exactly is your progress currently? and when can we get the skins and texture packs, because i just bought minecraft recently EDIT: yay! Dark709 is takua! this is getting better by the minute!
  12. I think whoever gets the ICBM wins, but my im rooting for thok.he can control the environment. so if avak traps him he just uses his power (unless the trap disabled that, but then he could use his ice ray, because avak would be trying to dampen his powers.
  13. well, probably bionicle heroes for console. it was my fist time okaying a first person shooter that wasnt a decade oldi rented it for wii once and beat it. i had the time of my life.
  14. Ah, good to see this is back!are you going to update the website anytime soon?
  15. Legends of metru nui FTW!!!! ya, thats my favorite
  16. Do you happen to have a Nui-Jaga?
  17. My steam name is Ryo786, and you know about the bzpower steam group right?
  18. HEY! do you have staff permission? look in the forum rules!if you dont get it soon your topic should be closed
  19. woah, no recent comments.

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