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  1. Hello there :D

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    2. Millennium


      You look like you're not making too much of a deal of it. Oh, I'm just working at a restaurant and it's pretty crippling but fun.

    3. Hidron Nuva

      Hidron Nuva

      Well I guess I'm getting used to lazy days spent doing nothing, but part of my mind knows that I'm wasting a lot of time and that I'm putting off important decisions I have to make. The dread is killing me :\

      About the job, cool! Well, the "fun" part, that is. Do you work in the kitchens or as a waiter? I work at a beach in the weekends, at least it's something.

    4. Millennium


      I'm a chef assistant, I mostly fry stuff. I used to be like you too, and I kind of think that next year will be the same.

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