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  1. Well, when I saw the link to this in the 'ol Skype chat, I pondered a fair bit on what I wanted to say. And ultimately, what I want to say is pretty simple; I'm not all that surprised, and even if I was, it wouldn't matter. Absolutely nothing wrong with it.


    You're still you, which means you're still a friend, a member of the RRA, and one of our more fun RPG players.

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  2. *Delayed Reaction*


    Warning, my own little mini-rant incoming.


    I agree on almost all of these points.


    And it's not just new players anymore. I've seen players make the same mistakes over and over in different games when people have tried to correct the mistake in most, if not all, of them.


    As for Alignment, I have no confidence in it's survival. Most of the player base (What little there was) is dead, the more active staff members have resigned, and the players that remain are almost entirely the inexperienced ones. The sole big plot remaining is the war-within-a-war mentioned above, and the players are all on one side, with me being the sole controller and player on the other side. Full of NPCs. Which pretty much means I RP it's defeat.


    On the subject of RPGs in general, I think we're in what I like to call Quality Lull. Most of the good players from the past are growing up, and moving on, and the new ones aren't ready to replace them yet. There are some people in the middle, people who are bridging the gap. I hope that it will get better, that the new ones will yield new legendary players. I can hope.

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