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  1. Sorry about the lack of activity, folks. Planning on getting caught up over the next few days.

  2. it's been a while since i was in one of these

  3. Four AM on a Sunday night before finals week is a really, really weird time to be thinking about internet nostalgia. I should really get a Premier Membership. So people can stop complaining about my inbox. And I can put all my random, unnecessary thoughts in a blog.

    1. 25K Now!
    2. Snelly
    3. HeavyMetalSunshineSister


      I'm gonna be honest, I find it way more entertaining to put my most pointless thoughts into *this* medium than to go a l l t h e w a y to my blog and type up a new entry.

  4. Fair warning to all, the next two weeks or so are going to be incredibly busy. My activity may be variable.

  5. Hi! Nice to see a new face in the BZPRPG. I'm one of its staff members and I would normally PM you, but you haven't unlocked the PM system yet. I'm sorry to say that dimensional travel, or parallel dimensions, aren't allowed in the BZPRPG. Your characters mask isn't on the approved list (which can be found on page one of that topic), so you'll either need to change it or submit it for approval as a custom. I'd also recommend that you (if you haven't already...

    1. Krayzikk


      ) read the New Players Topic. Feel free to ask me, my fellow staff, or the News and Discussion Topic about anything you don't understand or need help with.

    2. Kayori alias Equalize

      Kayori alias Equalize


      I joined first because the battle for th gold mask. But i want to play BZPRPG too.

      I informed myself know these things in bzprpg and are trying to fix this :) thx!

    3. Kayori alias Equalize

      Kayori alias Equalize

      * I informed myself about these things...

  6. New installment of Red Skies is up. I encourage y'all to take a look.

  7. Avenge me Bob Ross!

    1. Ghidora131


      That makes no sense. Bob is dead.

  8. Hrm. Time to ponder a name change.

  9. You probably don't remember who I am in the slightest (And given the change in username, it's doubtful you'd recognize me anyway), but I saw you online, and wanted to thank you. Ages back, I was a newbie BZPRPG player, and you used my random NPC fight to let me get involved in a plot arc. Since then, I've kept around, and I'd like to think I've improved. So... Thank you.

    1. Lazzy the Spazzy

      Lazzy the Spazzy

      hey bud, that's awesome! You might have to jog my memory on the specifics, but I'm really honored/glad that I helped make an impact on your RPG journey. I'm glad you're still going strong!

    2. Razgriz



  10. Aaaand, finally got to start posting the results of my pet project.

  11. Bro!

    1. Franco


      A true man never dies, bro.

  12. The day that a social media function needs to tell me how popular my posts on a forum are is the day I will facepalm.

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    2. sunflower
    3. Geardirector


      I get you, Simon. Not all that crazy about this thing myself.

    4. Aurora the cat

      Aurora the cat

      Get facepalming brutha.

  13. The day that a social media function needs to tell me how popular my posts on a forum are is the day I will facepalm.

  14. I know yooooooou.

    1. Mad Scientist BioBeast
    2. Krayzikk


      Been a while. What's up

    3. Mad Scientist BioBeast

      Mad Scientist BioBeast

      Nothing much, just trying to find a place to put my new character.

  15. It would seem that someone has been watching Sword Art Online

  16. Merry Christmas, y'all

    1. Havelock Vetinari

      Havelock Vetinari

      Snark, check your inbox? :P

  17. Giiiiiiga Driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill BREAKER!

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    2. Razgriz


      Pretty sure the creators have actually said "it's break"


      We get "BUUUUREEEEEAKAAAAH" from Japan not being good at consonants.









    3. Krayzikk


      It is actually "break", but the Apple iPad doesn't want me to use my full power, and thus, refuses to allow me to complete the true finishing move. It's a foe that I must overcome!

    4. Razgriz


      Show me a man's resolve, kid.

  18. You have finally been granted interaction in Ga. :P

  19. Well, I have returned to full operational capacity. And with that, comes another return; that of my epic that I foolishly believe I can make into something decent. If you get the chance, pop over to the library to read it.

    1. Razgriz










  20. I should warn you all, in case said warning gets buried in the respective discussion topics that I am about to post this in. For reasons outside of my control, I will be without easy internet access indefinitely, starting tomorrow. As I will still possess my cellphone, I will still be posting, but it will be greatly reduced. If you need me to post somewhere specific, you should contact me about it, because I may very well miss it.

  21. You know what's completely and utterly exhausting? Finals. They take waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much out of you.

  22. That moment when you realize that you're less than a week away from being more than halfway through the second decade of your life.

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    2. Razgriz


      Step it up, Sempai

    3. Krayzikk


      Actually, I've technically been able to take driver's ed for a while now. Haven't gotten around to it. XD

    4. CeeCee


      A late Happy Birthday from me!

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