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Status Updates posted by Krayzikk

  1. Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. =P

  2. Thinking about changing my screen name to "The Snark Knight", or some variation thereof. Thoughts?

    1. Athmos


      The Snark Knight? Unique indeed.

    2. Axilus Prime

      Axilus Prime

      Let us not dwell on ceremony...Mr. Krayne.


      (Oh Mata Nui that was terrible.)

  3. So what are the odds I could get you to edit in a Jaws post? =P

  4. hai raz

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    2. Krayzikk


      was bored. and we had a master plan to try and cause bieber fever on bzp. it failed. so i'm stuck with it for a bit longer.


      better than hubert's plan. he tried to turn us all into the original power rangers

    3. Razgriz


      hubert's dumb


      you can't replicate the original power rangers

    4. Krayzikk
  5. You managed to make me facepalm without even doing anything. I hop online, see someone at the bottom named "Flex Capacitor". At first, I only see "Flex". Then I see the rest and I think "Darn. Not the Flex I'm looking for." Then I go to the RPG. And I actually hover over your name. Commence facepalming. XD

    1. Flex Lord Splash

      Flex Lord Splash

      Heh orly? *trollface*

  6. *poke*

    1. Flex Lord Splash

      Flex Lord Splash

      Pssst... I don't think she knows about profile feeds XD

  7. Duuuude. Every time I work out a predictable activity pattern for you, you go and mess it up. Whyyyyyyyyy. XD

  8. Anyone want to read my epic? Pweaze?

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    2. a goose

      a goose

      I reviewed it and you never responded. :'(

    3. Flex Lord Splash

      Flex Lord Splash

      since your PM isn't working I'll put this here. (clear your inbox bro)


      since me and Tyler decided to have Ash and Alaric get together eventually, what do you think of Shadow and John? John doesn't know her well but he likes her so far, plus they are both the two most leathal people on the team and they have Weapon-X stuff in common.

    4. AuRon the champion

      AuRon the champion

      Clean out your inbox!

  9. Just so everyone knows, I'm going to be gone starting Sunday the 29th until Saturday the 11th.

    1. Mef Man

      Mef Man

      TIME TRAVELLER!!!! Oh, wait. I get it. Have fun wherever you are and keep safe!


    2. Highly Suspicious Person
  10. Hey, have a good b-day. That's an order. :P

  11. .... That awkward moment when you look at your profile feed, and see that all he comments are telling you to empty your inbox.

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    2. Elrond of Rivendell

      Elrond of Rivendell

      I tend to keep everything that's has to do with approval from Nuju, just as a reference point. Although even that gets cluttered.


      It seems that every time I try to get rid of stuff, I'm afraid I'll need it later.

    3. Axilus Prime

      Axilus Prime

      I usually keep Nuju's PMs a week after he stops answering them. He seems to make new PMs a lot anyway.

    4. a goose

      a goose

      I keep everything. EVERYTHING. B)

  12. Is wondering if it is considered bad taste for one to make one's own birthday topic. :P

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    2. otter


      I'm not sure if anybody has ever made a birthday topic for me.


      I've certainly passed through four of said birthdays in the time I've been on this site, though.

    3. Axilus Prime

      Axilus Prime

      I wasn't online nor well-known during my last birthday on this site...and the other was during the Great Downtime...

    4. Snelly


      lol I'd make mine...except mine was on May 13 and it's kinda late to do it now. :P

  13. So yeah, new chapter.

    1. Athmos


      Will read....



  14. Hey, you should go read my epic.

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    2. Snelly


      You should post another chapter. :P

    3. Protodite Karzahni

      Protodite Karzahni

      You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

    4. Athmos


      Maybe I will.

  15. BTW, I read your entire overview. Transformers for the win.

  16. Just read the profile for the Aikranids. *Bows down* How much would I have to beg to make one?" :P

  17. I'm curious: Rule 117 and all it's sub-rules in your profile. What sort of research was used? Does it make Dcepticons aggressive or Autobots? Both? What about Primes? And does the speaker or performer of said illicit songs/phrases change anything? :P

    1. Inferna Firesword

      Inferna Firesword

      I'll tell you when I see a Visotoran MOC. =P

  18. UUUUMMM, Letr me see...

  19. Cool. Might take a while for me to respond because my x-box is not nearby for a few days.

  20. Gamertag= Carefree Forevr

    As for the moc, progress is being made. The biggest issue is making it have six arms and still resemble a matoran.

  21. Holy Karz, Le-Wahi is popular!

  22. It has begun! *grins*

  23. *high fives back*

    Well Derrum, its been fun, but it's time to wreak havoc on Mata nui. I mean, have fun on Mata Nui. Though in the end, there isn't much of a difference is there?

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