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  1. I logged into this site for the first time in two years to dig up an old recipe I'd lost...figured I'd post some recent pictures and a plug for my band while I'm here, for old time's sake. For those who don't remember me, let's just say I was once an admin...briefly. STRANGE LIPS, fronted by yours truly: http://strangelips.bandcamp.com (twitter/IG: @Strange_Lips). If you live in or around New York, come see us sometime; we generally play at least one show a month. Most-recent picture of me, post-haircut: Some pics from a gig last month, pre haircut:
  2. No, you can't bait the OP in a completely separate topic. Per the rules: -GSR
  3. im super gay and i love this moc. i love it because it is good building, with good techniques, included but not limited to the pieces used, and they delicate lesbian touch used to assemble them. i also like that it's jeff goldblum. jeff goldblum is so dreamy, he almost makes me wish i were not gay. but alas, dr. goldblum. i am very gay. we were not meant to be. but if you want to pour water droplets on me and tell me what soft hands i have, i won't refuse this. but the fact of the matter remains that we will not be romantical. this moc is real good. whoof. i don't even recognize some of the pieces. you done good. i'm gay.
  4. hey did you grow the poofy hair back because that ruled
  5. Elisabeth: the shy, brainy cutie Stephanie: the tough, leggy romantic 2gether 4ever
  6. jess i love your blog description
  7. You're a good man, Patrick Biggs All y'all are
  8. I've been checking in the past couple weeks to spy on my lover, Windrider so here's a picture of me for those of you who don't remember me (all of you)
  9. its the final countdoooooowwwn
  10. Bionicle is coming back? ?? ???
  11. whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. whoa. whoa. Did I just like totally miss your coronation? (This does not bode well for my fanfiction)

    1. Queen of Noise

      Queen of Noise

      it was bloody and resolute, but please send me the fanfiction anyway

    2. Kaleidoscope Tekulo

      Kaleidoscope Tekulo

      (Now I need to actually write a fanfiction about this. XD)

  12. Remember back in the day, when if someone got given a special thing that other members didn't get, they wore it as a mark of pride rather than complaining about it?
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