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  1. So I've definitely slowed my roll on purchasing LEGO in the years since high school mainly limiting myself to a couple large sets, some minifigures (while those were still affordable), and maybe a few others each year. But I always made sure one of those I got was each year's modular building. I had them all going back to the original Cafe Corner, and I wanted to keep up the complete collection. That was up until 2019. The garage just appealed to me less than the offerings up until that point. So I put it off. And then more modulars started being released...and I put them off too because I didn't have the garage yet. Today I saw that there are a couple nice promotions coming up from the LEGO shop this month so I thought now might finally be the time to get that Corner Garage. But then I noticed it's been discontinued. It feels pretty freeing not having to worry about maintaining the complete set anymore. From now on I can just pick and choose the sets I want, even among the modulars. I might pick up the Bookstore later this month instead to celebrate. So yeah, that was a little rambly and blog-y, but has anyone had a similar experience?
  2. Not a huge fan of the Star Wars stuff, but I'd much rather have this than the weird oversized Chewbacca figure someone gave me as a give once.
  3. Crazy how long ago that was. I remember the first few sets coming out when I was 12/13. I remember being hyped when we first saw the snake sets too. It's been going on longer than Bionicle at this point...
  4. Happy Memorial day weekend BZPeople. I started a new job where I don't do much, and I already feel like I need the day off. Hope whoever wins our boy in green here enjoys it.
  5. Another Lewa raffle, maybe this time I'll get it.
  6. Happy birthday Taka! I love the little jumping spider sketch too.
  7. I think making the forums the first thing people see is a good idea, yeah. Maybe add a link to the front page (or I guess just the page now) in a header or something. This also made me realize the "News" link in Hapori Tohu's signature still goes to .com rather than .info.
  8. Man, I remember that thing...rahkshi of coffee. But since when is it just called "wakeup"??? Remember when it was "wakeup2", and everyone wondered why it was called that when there was no wakeup1?
  9. Well, looks like Snelly brought in the gear!
  10. V-Dawg

    where are they now?

    Hey, I don't really remember you, and I have no idea if you remember me, but I'm glad you decided to check in! I remember Bionicle G2 ended right as I was entering into college. I've graduated now, and I'm currently studying for a master's degree. I've been working surveying jobs throughout school, but I finally got job offer from an engineering firm to start this summer!
  11. Yooo S-Dawg! What's up?

  12. The last two are, respectively, the oni mask used by Ultra Violet in Ninjago, and Sweet Mayhem's helmet from The Lego Movie 2. There are a few more, with the most recent one being the Shadow Tahu mask. ...my suggestion is that we use the 90th anniversary one for this year.
  13. Sure all grab a few raffle tickets, especially since it seems to be going to a good cause. This reminded me to enter the free raffle too.
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