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Well, I've been on here for over 10 years and I haven't really used this that much, but I'm trying to be more social lately, and writing on a page that almost no one reads on a nearly dead forum site is the best way to do that, right?


Currently I'm in college studying civil engineering. I'm in a city, and I like the proximity to other people, but there are also a lot of things I hate about it. I miss the quiet, dark at night, country where I grew up, running through the woods, feeling free to roam. Luckily, I still visit pretty often, I enjoy being with my family.


I like being outside. I used to be a camp counselor for a while. I especially love just going out and going on little walks. I usually listen to music while I do. Sometimes I'll carry a small LEGO item with me, but that got a lot less frequent when I went to college. I really love to walk with other people too, it's my preferred way to be talking with someone, but it's hard to find someone else who likes walking...


However, I do spend a lot of time inside too, probably too much. I play a lot of video games. My all time favorite series are Zero Escape and Viewtiful Joe. 


I like board/card games even more than I like video games though. It's a great way to bring people together, so I'm usually down for almost anything, but my absolute favorite is the game Dominion. I also play Magic: the Gathering pretty frequently, but only so much because I have friends that like it, as it's expensive and very easy to get burnt out on.(When I play, it's usually commander, but I prefer limited formats.) In a similar vein as tabletop games, I like mafia and similar games, I used to play a lot before it died here.


I'm obviously a fan of LEGO and Bionicle, although since I went to college I'm separate from my collection most of the time and how much I spend on it has gone way down. Now my only real connections to it are getting on here and buying the occasional minifigure.


I want to be a good person. I'm always looking for ways I can do or be better, not matter how big or small they may be. (Honestly writing this may be part of that.) I try to hold myself to high moral standards. Unfortunately that has caused conflicts with those close to me in the past, but that's another thing I constantly am improving on. I'm really into drinking water.

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