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  1. ShadowVelocity
    Suffice it to say that I've been sick for the last three/four years (I've lost track of how long it actually was). It's been worse for the last yearish or so. However, mostly better now.
    So, have a nice doodle.

    I promise nothing. We'll see what happens.
  2. ShadowVelocity
    Well, not really, since I never actually died, but I think you get the idea.
    I bring gifts of ART.

    River Dormus and a Village

    White Quartz Mountains (pre- and post- shattering).
    Spent loads of time on the bottom two, not quite as much but still a fair bit on the top. All three of them are for B:NG. I don't really feel like typing out my whole "this is what I did blah blah blah," so I will leave you with that.
    Now I just need to catch up with the rest of my backlogged art stuff. (Curse you, university! Cuuuuuurrrrrrse yoooooouuuuuu!)
  3. ShadowVelocity
    Not remotely Bionicle related but i thought you might like to know that I have been doing stuff. Just not Bionicle stuff. This particular piece took me 45 hours. To be honest, it makes me cringe to think how much time I'm going to need to spend on bonesiii's multiverse stuff, since they are much larger. OH WELL. I guess I shall persevere. It's not like anyone reads this blog except EW occasionally and Thylon and neelh.

    And #digital-artists declined it. I hate that they accepted me as a member and yet they don't want to display any of my pieces. XD
  4. ShadowVelocity
    Well, remember that whole thing with that scribble picture being easy to do, not time consuming, and decent looking?
    I discovered almost directly after that completely by accident how to create zomg-amazing looking pictures in a fairly non-time consuming manner, as evidenced by these partially painted mountains. They don't have color yet, but that's because in this style I add color later.

    But now I have a dilemma. I already started painting Alarist using my old painting style (color first, shading later) and suddenly I really am not sure I want to continue doing so, because this way is easier (even though I technically have to paint the picture twice). And it's not just easier because of the whole color thing, it's easier because of several steps that become completely unnecessary in the new style. But it's already partially painted... I really cannot decide. Ah well. *ponders the great thoughts*
  5. ShadowVelocity
    Can be so addicting. Also inspiring.

    I won't link to it, since it's a bit of a bloody comic, and it has forums. This particular villains name is Jack Noir though, I suppose you might be able to get there if you really wanted.
  6. ShadowVelocity
    Busy, very busy. In the meantime, have some pictures of Manu.

    Original Design
    With Iruini
    From the Back
    From the Top
    Torso Front
    Torso Back
    Torso w/Head
    Torso Detail
    Side Detail
    Arm Detail
    Back Detail
    Head Movement
    Her paint got chipped in moving so I need to redo her gold - thank goodness I finally got the right kind of paint (the original gold was a different paint than the blue and turned out poorly).
    Also take a look at this lovely version of my Ice Bat in MoC Form made by MapleMaster of deviantart.
    Anyways! Busy. *poofs*
  7. ShadowVelocity
    Apologies for being so dramatic earlier! I try not to do that. : /
    So: Have an Ice Bat.

    Do you B:NG guys want this? Not sure if we actually are needing them or not, and I know I'm not on the Rahi concept team.
    Anyways, this was for the Brotherhood of Makuta club on DA, they were having a Rahi contest. I sketched it up a month or so ago, and promptly abandoned it to the dreaded WIP folder. But I had my last class today, and they just recently reminded us that the contest ends... today. So I went in and finished it up while I was still moping. This is the particular effect I was trying to achieve with my recent Pohatu for Neelh, but obviously I failed. I might redo that one now that I've figured out how to do it. Corel again (how surprising) with pencils.
    I'll try to finish the coliseum up tomorrow, since I have only one final to study for now, and I'll be needing to take breaks. If I don't end up posting it, feel free to smack me.
  8. ShadowVelocity
    For Neelh, cus she said she thought I should draw him. P:

    I don't have his set, so.... I resorted to pictures again. Pohatu turned out okay (the other B:NG members told me the first version was too skinny and girly, so he is all manly and buff now) but the Rockoh not so much.

    No virtual pencils were harmed in the making of this sketch, but the blenders may not have survived.
  9. ShadowVelocity
    Hooray! Done with all of them! Now it's back to work on the Coliseum...
    Speaking of:

    *eye twitches*
    Teach me to volunteer to draw anything that complicated, in inks no less. Anyways, this bit's mostly done now, which means I can move on to the rest of the picture, and that won't take nearly as long.
  10. ShadowVelocity
    So I was working on this paper that's due pretty soon, and getting horribly, horribly frustrated. And then I thought to myself "All I've been doing for the past week is working on this stupid paper, I haven't been able to paint or anything. I should take a break and paint something."

    The result is above. New forum banner for me. Two hours, oils in Corel.
  11. ShadowVelocity
    Alright, so I finished sketching out the background finally - this is by no means the final product, but I've spent enough time on it already that I wanted to show my progress. I'm not really sure I like it, it looks very pointy, but I was trying to make it look more like the playsets than the movies... :x The blue is the original sketch, and the red is the details I added later. You can see that clip of Taka and Lesovikk down at the bottom. It's very messy, I need to go over everything and make a final pass with a black ink. Not sure if I'm going to bother coloring it or not, since I was going to leave out all of the characters anyway (they're on a separate layer) and from what I've seen our animators are using my b&w stuff. The perspective is a little funny in this one, I think I might need to adjust some of the upper streets and bridges to fix it.

    Anyways, thoughts & suggestions before I finalize it?
  12. ShadowVelocity
    Someone in the Next Generation Art Topic said something about putting wings on Takanuva after he gets the flight virus from the Makuta in the Empire universe. It was rejected, of course, but it sounded so ridiculously awesome that I wanted to paint it. XD So that's where this came from.

    It's been done a million times before, but I still like it. I will be painting this... eventually... when I get time... lol.
  13. ShadowVelocity
    I does, I does. This is actually one of the worst ones I've ever had. I've also got a bit of a fever. At first I thought this was from when I pulled out my "male" voice to toy with possibly auditioning for some random matoran or something. I'd forgotten how much it makes my throat hurt (and I gave myself a bloody nose recording with it too) so I ditched that idea. But that was a couple of weeks ago, and it certainly didn't hurt to breathe after that, it was just mildly uncomfortable to talk. So I'm guessing I caught something nasty recently.
    Also, I thought I'd post some clips from my coliseum battle scene that I've been working on. I discovered some new brush settings that produce these very very fine lines, and are easy to use too. I'm quite fond of them now, since inking suddenly doesn't seem quite so much a chore, but I'm not sure how they look on other people's screens. To me, they look fine, but I can't be sure that they don't look pixelly elsewhere.

    And yes, I'm well aware that I totally made things up when drawing both Taka and Lesovikk's backs. XD I couldn't find any reference pictures of their backs, and since my Taka is at home, and I don't even have Lesovikk... yeah.
    Edit: Just for you LTT! No, really...

    Messed with his neck, and fixed his Faxon. Have made other progress too, but you don't get to see that until I'm all done. XP

  14. ShadowVelocity
    Went back and revisited my old Manu character. It was brought to my attention that I really didn't know anything at all about her, so I went and fixed that.

    If I recall, I tried once before to evolve her into a Toa (I believe it was for the contest that produced Krakua) but I was never really happy with the way it turned out, so I pretty much abandoned it. Not sure I like the color scheme, I think a different shade of blue might be better, but I need to stop working on this. I'll probably revisit it eventually.

    In case anyone is interested, here's the full version of her backstory (which I may or may not revise):

    Manu was originally a Ce-Matoran who joined the Nynrah Ghosts as an elite crafter. When she put her mind to it, she was able to create masks, weapons, and other items with great skill. However, she often became distracted, resulting in sub-par products. She spent a great deal of her time redoing things she botched because of this.

    While Nynrah ghosts are notoriously reclusive, Manu was more solitary than most, claiming that her distractibility increased with proximity to other Matoran. Indeed, this did seem to be a fairly accurate assessment, and so she was left to herself much of the time.

    Sometime after the theft of the Nynrah Zamor Launchers, she was put to work on repairing the Toa Tool of a novice Toa, who had accidentally imbued it with a minute amount of Toa Power, and then proceeded to break it. Unfortunately Manu stopped paying attention while she was working on it, and damaged it still further, activating the Toa Power within and causing her to transform into a Toa.

    Not terribly pleased, she finished repairing the weapon, and considered possible courses of action. Eventually, she decided she probably ought to leave the village, since Toa attract trouble and the rest of the villagers would be happier if they were left alone. Leaving the repaired weapon, and taking some portable crafting tools, she relocated herself elsewhere on Nynrah - close enough to keep an eye on her former partners, but far enough that she felt they could avoid any trouble she caused.

    It took the rest of the Ghosts three days to notice she was gone.

    Setting up shop in her new hiding place, Manu spent more time thinking about what had happened. As a Toa of Psionics, a great Matatu was not going to give her much of an advantage, so after some consideration she crafted herself three masks that she thought would be useful, as well as a Toa Tool. She took a liking to the Mask of Magnetism, and began wearing it, though she still didn't know how to use it.

    It took Manu quite a long time to learn how to effectively use her powers and her masks, but she is much more competent with them now than she was originally.

    If anyone actually read any of that, I'll be impressed. Lol.

    Oh, and I doubt anyone will remember this, but I thought I'd upload my old edit of Manu's Matoran form, from waaaay back in the days when I had nothing but MS Paint. Seriously, this thing is ancient.

  15. ShadowVelocity
    For the Expanded Multiverse Guide on BZPower. This is my attempt at showing Lake Aerospace, the spacecraft manufacturer of Ga-Clysmax, Shattered. I rather think it turned out nicely. It sounded like a very interesting place, so I'm glad it looks like I wanted.

    Spent about six - seven hours on this. Wasn't really keeping track so I can't say for sure, but it was around there. Painted in Corel Painter X, with the oils, acrylics, and airbrushes. It was being difficult about the Aerospace pod itself, but I finally managed to bend it to my will. This was some good landscape practice - I especially like the way the lakes came out. Sketch here.

    bonesiii really liked this one, apparently. XD

    Original topic here.
  16. ShadowVelocity
    Tried a bit of crosshatching this time. It looks okay, if a bit sloppy. Done in Corel. May add some color to this to see how it would look. This didn't take very long after all, and it still looks alright. If I were to spend a little more time on it, I could clear the sloppiness up, and Neelh did want me to color it.
  17. ShadowVelocity
    Finished the big paper, so I've got some time to myself now (two left, but I've already started them, so eh). Thought I'd start planning out my Alarist and Clash pics for the Multiverse guide, since I'll probably start working on them after I finish the coliseum.

  18. ShadowVelocity
    Yeah, I have no idea who this is. She's been popping up on my class notes in the margins a lot though. Most of the time she's wearing these fancy robes as well as that headdress, so I thought maybe she was a Great Being, but she looks an awful lot like a Glatorian... *shrug*

    Anyways, this was a quick doodle done when I was attempting to get Deleter to work on my new computer, and it was telling me it wasn't compatible with Windows 7. Fortunately, 7 has a backwards compatible thing, which works perfectly (hooray for technology).
  19. ShadowVelocity
    A quick sketch, done when I ought to have been working on other things (like homework, or one of the paintings I've been neglecting for the past couple of months).

    I kind of like it though. It started out as just a doodle of a robotic humanoid, but then it turned into Kiina, and so I got her down from my shelf and tried to make her look like the set, but at the same time be more armored than set-like.

    Ackar popped up somewhere in the middle of all that, but unfortunately I don't have his set yet. So I went and tried to get pictures of him... couldn't find any really good ones, but I guess it worked out okay.

    Interestingly enough, the next day a discussion popped up in the B:NG Art Topic about how Glatorian should be done so they still look like the set, but you can tell they're mostly organic as opposed to mechanical. This wasn't originally intended for B:NG, but everyone seemed to like it. Well, Rahl said he had had a slightly different idea, but so far no luck on seeing what he meant.
  20. ShadowVelocity
    Concept Art for:
    The Plains of Karzahni.

    I wanted the sky to be full of doom, but it was refusing to cooperate, and it now looks like a sunset gone bad. :< Oh well. I ditched the rocks and matoran statue from the sketch, because they would have been too small to tell what they were. (I couldn't tell what they were in the sketch anyway.) I kind of like the way the clouds came out, and the ground isn't too bad either. I feel like the mountains should be less pointy though.

    Sketched in Open Canvas, and painted in Deleter. About 8-9 hours, I think. (Technical difficulties not included.)

    Sketch here.

    Still working on finding some way to do concept art that looks good, but doesn't take too long. Might try some variation of inking next, but I've never been very fast at that. I don't know that painting has enough detail.
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