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  1. I was going to get an Aradia shirt, since I'm Aries/Taurus and Aradia is awesome. But they were out. It was sad. At least I have my Terezi shirt *hugs it*. (Alsooooo I am sorry I have not been online much I have not been feeling well! When I catch up my schoolwork and stuff I will get around to reading things.)
  2. Neopets make no sense to me.

    Eh, this was a picture I made to motivate my Altador Cup team, since that's about the only thing I do on the site anymore. (Yearly competition between users involving extremely boring game called yooyuball AKA World Cup for Neopets.) I don't think it really has to make sense.

    Oh, okay. Makes sense.


    ...not :P

    It's like soccer, except with Neopets. And weird soccer balls. On a computer screen.

  3. Colors look fine to me.

    Yes, but the point here is that they look fairly different from what they were when I was painting. It's so hard to get things to look right sometimes, haha. :P




    Seriously, that looks like my drawing when I'm in a car. Granted, it was supposed to be a house...

    Oh yeahhhh drawing in a car is really not the best. I gave up the practice a long time ago - it takes too much effort to get them looking decent, when you could have just waiting until you were elsewhere and taken a quarter of the time to get a better pic. :P

  4. Wow... Very dark... And dark...

    Yeah, sometimes I get the urge to paint things like that, or in this case, draw with the pens for six hours lol.


    It involves MS Paint.

    Indeed it does.


    Looks interesting.

    It is, but it's not something everyone would be interested in. I can't say if you'd like it or not, but do be warned that it doesn't start to get past the bad jokes and into the real plot for a fair bit. The animations are the part I like best though.

  5. Dang! I was CERTAIN she was a Pokemon!

    Nah, some of them might look similar, but not pokemon.


    I remember I got a Zafara. (sp?)

    I think that's what you call them. *shrug*


    Neopets make no sense to me.

    Eh, this was a picture I made to motivate my Altador Cup team, since that's about the only thing I do on the site anymore. (Yearly competition between users involving extremely boring game called yooyuball AKA World Cup for Neopets.) I don't think it really has to make sense.

  6. Actually, I'm not talking about ice, I'm talking about ice blue Bionicle parts. Does the same thing go for those?

    If they are transparent, I would say yes. If not, I would color them with similar shades, but the highlights shouldn't be as bright, and the colors should be more consistent.

  7. Not sure how to do that, VB.

    Start off with a pale color, if you're using pencils. Light->Dark is generally best with them, because light colors don't layer well over dark ones. The shadow should be a darker blue, but not too dark... try a periwinkle, sort of a purply sky blue. Highlights should be very pale or white, so if you use white you'll want to leave those spaces of the paper uncolored. Make sure you layer your colors carefully, one color at a time.


    http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs51/f/2009/336...20ee6c0e458.jpg was my last attempt at ice, you can kind of see what I'm talking about. Sort of.


    Edit: Oh, and the darker the shadow is, the more depth it indicates - makes it seem bigger. A thin icicle will have pale shadows, a glacier is going to be dark.

  8. Maybe.


    Maybe I should just get rid of the links to dead topics.


    Also I need a new ban/av, preferably matching. But I don't have GIMP or Photoshop. :(

    I could make Thylon for you. :lol: It only took a couple of hours to make my banner.

    Ooh...would you? :)

    Yup, I'll see if I can't whip something up for you tonight or tomorrow. I'll make an avie too. Just let me know what kind of banner. Skinny and long, or one of the fat short ones?

  9. You must considerate 3 things:


    1 - Were they worthy of you?


    2 - If they were, you should just let time flow a little and tell them you're sorry.


    3 - People nowadays are offended even by calling them boy/girl.

    I believe they are worthy of being my friend - that's why I was so upset when we got into the argument. We've apologized to each other now though, so it seems to be fine.


    You are right though, it really is hard not to offend people a lot of the time. My unfortunate blunt honesty doesn't always help matters though.




    Read my new PM.

    I read it, thank you. :)

  10. *souperninjarandumpoak*


    Cheer up. Anyone can be offended by anything anywhere. Human minds operate in such a way that literally any little thing could initiate a reaction. Course, I know nothing about this particular case, so I could just be barking at the wind, but still, IMO, offending people isn't something to be proud of, but it's also not something to be sad about, just takes a little fixin' is all.



    I tried so hard not to though. :( And then it happened anyway...


    And now they'll probably never talk to me again, and I feel terrible.

  11. Hey, here's a paper I need you to do...



    D: *hides*

    *finds* Here, this is due on Monday. Two thousand words.



    But... but... I don't want to write it. :(



    lol, right. I just noticed that part. Sorry for that, SV. :P


    Well, imo maybe u should just transform them into a couple of skyscrapers, with broken windows and smoke. It can cover up space (save time and the paper doesn't look blank) and looks more metropolis-ish. :)

    Transform what into skyscrapers? The huts or the suva spires? I'm not sure I like the suva spires myself, but I don't really have any better ideas at this point. I think I might go back and look through the metru comics - now that I have them with me - to see if I can get a better idea what the city looked like in general. I know the different metrus had different styles, so we'll need concepts for all of them - I was thinking this was just a central coliseum area kind of concept. I did say that I was going for the playset look, but I'm not really sure it fits Metru Nui.




    This isn't even the main focus of the picture, it just happened to be the part I finished first. (Because it has very small itty bitty details.) It is after all the Coliseum Battle, which is why I drew it like this. I'm probably going to end up doing clarification sketches for this if it gets used anyway.

  12. Haha, I love nit-picking! :P


    I wonder how can that crystal ball thing stand on those, erm, pointy sticks?

    Btw, it is the coliseum right?? then it will be weird if there are huts. I mean, Metru Nui is an advanced Metropolis.

    Well, what should they be then? I looked at the shapes of the Matoran rooms shown in the games from back then, they were round. Like huts. :P I can make them squarer, with decorations and stuff. You should have said something when I posted the sketch if you think they should be different! Lol.


    And the crystal ball... idk, I was thinking it was more resting on the points of the spire things, with the points kind of embedded in it. We can totally ditch or modify all of this you know. I was just drawing random stuff pretty much.

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