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  1. Oh, and I found my camera, keep bothering me about uploading pics of Manu.

  2. The ACV is starting, I am maniacally playing games to support my team haha. XD

  3. Not surprising since I don't talk very much. :P

  4. *sigh* I knew that would happen. I'm sorry, it's my job. It wasn't meant to be a "you have no idea what you're doing." Read pm please. :(

  5. I pretty much ended up writing an essay. >_> Still not done, but I only had the last couple of bits to talk about, so... And of course it will probably turn out that half of it did not need to be written. :P

  6. Why hello! You'll be pleased to know I've just spent the last four hours writing a response to your chapter one. :P Not quite done yet though. I'll try to get it done tonight.

  7. What, you mean I have to get out my camera again?! *forgot* >_>

  8. Haha, sorry, wasn't trying to bug you about it. I'm glad you liked it. I posted a pic of the axle in my Forge topic, btw.

  9. Not a scan, I don't have any real paints. All done on the computer.

  10. Well. I know some people do really like it, but /I/ know that I painted it with a broken tablet, and that her head is too big, and those stupid horizontal lines from that cursed tablet are all over the place, and oh shoot I didn't finish painting her hands and arms, and ugh the lighting is all wrong.... That's what I see when I look at it lol. The list goes on.

  11. It looked much cooler in my head, as it is I failed. :| I can't paint humans.

  12. Noes, randumpoaked! D:

  13. Yeah, sorry about the slowness, I've got end-of-term papers and stuff coming up, so I'm pretty busy.

  14. I'm honored. Thank you. ^_^

  15. I started looking at your chappies, not done yet though. Just letting you know I haven't forgotten again. XD

  16. Oh hey, it found your old posts! It was saying before that you didn't have any... XD

  17. Brilliant idea, I think I shall sleep now too. Good morning back at you. :P

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