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  1. Haha, yeah, same here. It's very late, and I should have been asleep a long time ago. And yet here I am, still on the internet.

  2. I have no idea, lol. I've only earned one proto in the time I've been here - the other two are from premiership. I've /definitely/ never been a POBZPC. Perhaps you're thinking of someone else?

  3. Orange? What? I'm pretty sure I've never been anything orange... O_o *is confused*

  4. Logging on anonymously will do that. :P I've stopped bothering though, it's much easier just to stay signed in.

  5. I don't understand, are you asking why I hadn't bought premiership already? I didn't have the money to spare until recently, if that's the case. And I might start a blog, I guess. It would be interesting to share stuff that I'm working on, maybe. Also, I think you should keep lewathetoa. Because I'm used to it. XD

  6. Oh and grats on your free premiership! :D It's always nice to win something.

  7. I figured I might as well pay the 35$ for lifetime, since I know from previous experience that I grow attached to my new privileges once I buy an upgraded membership to something. XD I'd get a blog, but probably the only things I'd be posting in it are random doodles lol, and I doubt anyone would be interested.

  8. Not that it really matters lol, but I've been premier for a couple of days now. So don't bother answering that. XD

  9. I just bought it lol, my inbox was running out of room. Why?

  10. Heh, hi. ^_^ You're the one that's voicing Gali, right? From what I heard in the rebirth chronicles, you'll be a good one. And thanks about Lake Aerospace, it's from bonesii's Expanded Multiverse story. :D

  11. Oh, I see, and you're looking for your token female Toa? :P

    Lol, anyways, I don't know - who all is on it, and what's the name? I haven't really given much thought to a Toa form or elemental powers for myself either. I'd have to think about it.

  12. Hah, I tried MoCing a bit myself, but I'm far too attached to my sets to dismantle them. If I wanted the pieces to do anything nice, I would have had to buy two of each set. XD

    And... Toa Team? O_o

  13. Heh, yeah, I acquired most of my posts helping out in the software forum, though I still don't have too many. When the MNOGII got taken down I stopped posting so much, since there was less need.

    I'm glad you liked my audition. :)

  14. It's alright, mistakes happen. ^_^; I was just extremely confused as to why you were talking to me about it when I don't even have an account there!

  15. I don't have a Wikipedia account; if there is a person of the name ShadowVelocity there, it is not me. Sorry. I am not the only one who uses the name. *shrug*

  16. ...What? I'm confused. Why are you talking to me?

  17. Heh, fun. I don't usually get very far with my alts though.

  18. Yes, it is actually a draenei, she's my raiding shaman. :P

  19. Hiya, thanks for visiting me! ^_^

  20. Thanks, I drew it a while ago. :)

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