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    Okay, now I'm keeping it simple.<br /><br />Ya, I like Nick at Nite, when I get the chance to watch it. I play mostly Spore and Star Wars games on my computer. I'm also an avid drummer. With a big 7-piece cymbal set. I have a pretty big bionicle collection, but I've sort of stopped avidly collecting now.<br /><br />That wasn't simple...

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  1. I'm probably not going back to comics for a little bit, I submitted an RPG entry, so I'll have to work with that for now.

  2. Hello, everyone. I'm glad to say I have returned. Unforntunately, I left everyone hanging, so I'm trying to start over with my BZP account. Now I am CoTP!

  3. Are you dead?

    Can I resurrect you?

  4. Hi.

    Do you miss BtG?

    I do and I was wondering does any of the authors too.

  5. And I have the new banner.

    Just wait a bit, guys.

  6. Brickshelf and Majhost are back up.

  7. I've kind of... postponed Halo Goodbye. Once Brickshelf gets up, I'll have a new banner for something new... and hopefully I'll be able to ressurect Halo Goodbye. For now, I'm not making comics, besides, Brickshelf & Majhost are both down.

  8. Why does it take so long to make a comic?

  9. Wow. I just noticed your birthday's a day after mine, Dark. Funny coincidence.

  10. I know, I saw the latest comic.

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