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  1. Music is such a beautiful medium.

  2. Time, something I wish I had more of...

  3. Ah ok, I think I remember you now lol.

  4. Odd how some how you always find yourself right where you started isn't it.

  5. Um.....thanks i guess. Sorry but I really don't remember any of the people from this site. Again, thanks for breaking the ice.

  6. lol mostly my fault, I'll warn you next time I disappear. I'll pm you tomorrow when I'm more awake

  7. Haven't been on in god knows how long, just hear to say I'm alive lol, hopefully I'll be active again now.

  8. Yeah Halo is great. I have not gotten Reach yet though, but people have ruined the story for me =P. It's a great ending if you ask me, even if it was sad.

  9. Hey, haven't been on lately I know. I'll respond to that pm sometime tonight.

  10. I have not been active in a while, but thanks for the birthday wishes, you kind of made my day =P.

  11. Still kicking and screaming just to inform you =P. I'll be on pretty often because of the break, working on a large MOC similar in creativity to Prisoner of the Pit. You entering the Iron Wolf contest?

  12. Working on your review, but I've just returned from vacation and it might take a few more days till I finish that pm. Don't worry though, I'm not dead yet =P.

  13. Yes, you must lend me your psychic abilities every now and then.

  14. Why is it that every time I actually pump out the effort to enter a BBC contest, I get miserably crushed by the future winner of the contest =P.

  15. I see your name changes are getting more creative =P.

  16. Somewhat, your brother left an odd comment on my page right?

  17. Love you entry in Kylus's contest and I would have voted for it had my entry not been in that poll. I'll try and review your MOC in it's topic later, I just don't have much time right now. Good luck in the contest.

  18. Oh my gosh. I'm also 14 taking Precalculus classes. Only thing is you live on the other side of the country. My advice to you is to study your material a lot and if you are still on winter break, I advise to recap on Algebra 2. Just some advice and also, good luck.

  19. No problem. In my opinion your entry is the most accurate which is why I voted for you. Again, no problem.

  20. Are you really 12? No offense if you are but you MOC a lot better than most 12 year olds I have seen on the forums. Your style is a lot more unique and clean than others I must say.

  21. Congrats on getting third place man.

  22. Well thanks I guess. It really is the part that I need to redesign but I'm glad you like it.

  23. Congratulations on your new staff position Dlakii.

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