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  1. >.< Come on Blackout, It cant be that bad LOL


    And didn't Kanohi Journal already Do that ?




    no they did surel who lives with the iron wolves get ur facts straight xd


    edit also can i help host the contest pwease

    Actually your both wrong in a sense. Kanohi Journal was thinking about an Iron Wolf contest but I believe it was either scrapped or put aside for the time being.

  2. how about an iron wolf contest?

    This sounds like a good idea. Maybe have a Bara Magna animal contest were your entry is based off of the many creatures from Bara Magna that we only have names for, that would give for some variety. Or you could do a Hordika or Pit Mutation contest, I would love to see on of those, even though they both were used as a BBC theme already.

  3. Interesting idea but what if BBC 53 was the build a Baterra contest, we still don't know, well at least I don't know. *Sigh* Time flies way too fast. And no, I'd rather take a gun to the head than post a picture of my first MOC on BZP. Thanks to the Datacalysm and me deleting the pictures off my hard drive, I don't have to worry about anyone seeing those :P .
  4. I thought it wasn't Tobduk-ish at all apart from the mask. :blink: I mean Tobduk was described as lean-looking. This guy was [very bulky. And he didn't have a Staff with a Doom-Viper head or a knife.


    Even though I am a sucker for over bulked anything, and on top of that Ids5621's entry was one of my favorites, but I have to agree with Brickeens. It was the most inaccurate according to BS01's description if anything. I'm sorry if I seem disruptive but it almost seems as if you led everyone on a false lead with the lean, doom-viper staff and knife thing, no offense intended. But either way, you can't change who won already and congrats to a nicely held first contest to both the contest hosts.

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