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    Wii, Goldeneye 007, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Xbox 360, Quantum of Solace 007, Halo: Reach, Not PS3s(they suck), I do however like Ratchet and Clank, and Jak and Daxter. Bionicles and Lego Bricks, of course. Building, buying, making MOCs and custom colored parts. Just give me a pile of pieces, ten differently colored Sharpies, and three things of Super Glue, and I could make you a few custom parts, but the quality of them is random. ;) Anyway, I dont draw, rather I do things in MS Paint. Hmm, theres also, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, did I mention 007? I might have forgotten that.

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  1. OOC: I GREATLY apologize for my absence, I have been extremely busy with School, helping with my siblings, and other things. I hope you are able to forgive me.IC: Lost woke up. He jumped up and drew his sword. "What happened! How long have I been out!?!?"
  2. ICLost slouched back inside, sheathing his blade. "Alrighhht." He sat back down on a table, and fell asleep.OOC: BZPower!Y U NO Let me do school work!?!??!?! Lulz
  3. Toa 95 Comics!Y U NO let me do school work xD xD lol Nice Thanksgiving Comic. I love the irony of it xD
  4. OOC: Sorry, I had been absent lately.ICLost stumbled behind the Turaga. "Okay, lets go!" He ran over to the door and slammed into the doorway. "Karzanhi!" He ran outside. "Where they at!" He said, drawing his blade.
  5. ICLost was starting, just barely however, to come to his senses. "Yeh hmmm. Hi there." He waved to the person. The only thing he saw was... Blurry. He sat down in his chair and patted Twiak on the head. "You sir, have two eyes." He stared at Twiak. "No... Four eyes." He laughed insanely, and Twiak laughed with him.
  6. ICLost put his head on the table again and sighed. "Okay... Twiak, do you need another Rat or something?"
  7. ICLost waved to the person. "Okay Bye! See you there!" Then he turned back to the Turaga. "What Dagger?"
  8. The Cutie Mark CrusadersBWA HA HA HA! EVEN AFTER THE SERVERS WERE DOWN, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!Can anyone say, bored out of my mind xD xD lol Welcome back everyone xD
  9. ICLost barely overheard the two of them. He raised his drink high, spilling a bit. "It's a deal then! Woooh!" He patted Twiak on the back. "Yah hear that Twiak? They said its a deal!" He laughed, before slamming his head flat on the table. "Heh heh heh, Hehhhhhh."
  10. Pinkie Pie.>3 I know this is redundant buuuuuut, NOTHING!!!!!!!! lol
  11. No. Mr. Bean. I grew up watching 5 movies. The first Mr. Bean movie was one of them. It counts, very much indeed. I watch, just about anything with Rowan Atkinson in it.
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