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  1. It's not that they didn't do enough, but that they did the wrong things. Look at the portrayal of the characters and the story. The characters in the Netflix series had this very... childish behavior, same went for their bionicle.com descriptions. Compare that to the dialogues, monologues Toa made, and the lore descriptions and it's like everything got de-aged to toddlers. I was 7 years old back then. I had not the slightest clue what was going on, who the characters were or even who the badguy was. But it felt like something I could immerse myself into like a bath. The characters had a certain mystery, seriousness, and edge to them, both in design and in the way they spoke. Suffice to say, when the Netflix animation came about, my then 8 years old younger brother thought it was lame and stupid, and we didn't watch more than 3 episodes.
  2. That depends on how it is handled, and 2015 was handled poorly; cool sets, a mess of a story that alienated old fans, despite relying on them to promote it, ****** mobile games, and last but not least, a mediocre series. The Bionicle that got started out in 2001 was very ambitious and in order for anyone new to be interested in Boinicle it'll have to be equally as ambitious, but in a modernized and current way. Lore the like of Bionicle would have to be presented as a videogame, a PROPER videogame, alongside the LEGO sets, and the sets would have to be treated as a kind of merchandise collectible. Basically, digital media is paramount. It isn't 2001 anymore. Younger audiences will not be interested if the digital media isn't treated equally or more important than the toy.
  3. Nice! I'll throw you the script. What's your input on character accents? Besides that, here are 2 minutes of animation I've don so far, not counting facial and eye animations (which will come once I've chosen two VAs, so I can sync the animation to the performance). This voice you're currently hearing is my own:
  4. These are test frames from the first 1080 frames of animation. Looks like Ahkmou's face might need an extra rimlight of sorts as he's a little too shrouded in darkness as it is. Finer animations (i.e. expression movement, eyelids, eye movement) will get done once I have some voice acting. Currently what I'm working are my own voice lines I recorded to get the larger animations lined up. I hope to get this done by 810NICLE DAY, but eh... there's no guarantee. All I can say is it'll most likely be done somewhere in August.
  5. It's not some massive project. Probably in total will be a vid that's shorter than 5 minutes. I'll give the script to those interested in doing some VC.
  6. Maybe as a parody of the character, but otherwise I don't think so. I certainly want to avoid any American accents for Po-Matoran's in general and Ahkmou in particular needs to have a certain charisma to him, or at least, not the kind that Danny Devito... uh... has...
  7. Alright, so I'm working on an animation project and everything is more or less ready for the actual animation. But ima need voice acting. If you have a decent mike and feel like volunteering don't be afraid to let it be known. There are two characters: Mazeka and Ahkmou. Mazeka is a Ko Matoran, meaning he's naturally cold in his mannerism and doesn't display a lot of emotion. But he's also a trained professional agent of the Order. He needs to have a sort of cold, gruff "action hero" type voice. Ahkmou, formerly a Po Matoran, so he's naturally competitive in his mannerism. He himself was also a carver and salesperson, so he should have a certain charisma. He is also, especially in this case, quite evil, and maybe a tad bit unhinged. I would very much like the various elements to have different accents. let's discuss the kind of accents Ko Matoran and Po Matoran would have. It was already bounced at me that Ko Matoran would have an icelandic accent. So something in the Scandinavian area of accents. But I'd like to hear your ideas as well. If push comes to shove I can always do the voice acting myself, but I thought I'd run it by the community first.
  8. Just a heads up, I just spent this code: TJAL-5EXQ-33B1-VWZJ And thanks for letting everyone get a chance to play LEGO Universe. By the time I built my own PC the MMO was looooonng gone.
  9. Wait, you guys were working on this and never invited me? I'm a little disappointed... But... anyway... this looks fun. Nice clean graphics. I like it.
  10. Well, it might be a good idea to explain what the game is supposed to be, like, what is a player supposed to expect from the gameplay, and also show a few screenshots from your progress. I played your demo a little. Controls seem a little buggy at times, but that's understandable this early on. So I get the impression you intend to create the entire Bionicle saga as a 2D, side-scrrolling, pixel art platformer with strong similarities to Mario?
  11. I hope it helps spread the word around. Althooouugghh... The video did already get nearly 2k views. Good question. I got plenty of masks and tools still to make, The Akaku is absolutely one of the ones I'm looking forward to to make.
  12. You can make a religion out of th-... No wait, don't.
  13. Also entirely depends on the style used. I highly doubt that Into the Spiderverse is going to look old for a very long time.
  14. Very mixed bag. Some of it was good. Most of it was "Meh". I guess otters agreed as well, because two of the most memorable tracks made it into Voya Nui Online Game.
  15. I'm wondering about this question myself.
  16. The poles shouldn't be rotated. The elbow or the knee will point into the direction of the poles, so rotating the poles won't do anything since they've not changed position in XYZ space. Select a pole, press G to grab, then change its position. If it still doesn't do anything then there'd indeed be a problem with how the poles are set up. Not sure what would've happened, but I'll see what I can do. Awesome! Can't wait to see what you'll do with it! And thanks a lot! Yeah, the music choices were specifically done because of nostalgia. They're nostalgic to me for various reasons and I thought it'd be fitting to put those tracks in there for approximately the same reasons what they were previously used for. Of course I had to put Maku and Hewkii in there! I'm not gonna let Greg be the final word on every detail of the Bionicle universe. Bionicle canon to me is what is presented in published materials. There'll be conflicts here and there, especially when accounting for the movies, but they're not solvable. If I were to hang onto every word Greg has said about the Bionicle universe then I'd have to accept that Bionicles don't have hands either... or that doors don't exist. Yes, doors. According to Greg there aren't any doors in the Bionicle universe.
  17. Yes, and they were all and sub-par. While I have fond memories of Bionicle The Game, compared to other adventure action platformers it really doesn't hold up in... any department.
  18. LEGO should've branched out G1 into different mediums. By 2010 Bionicle fans had grown to a certain point where all sorts of hobbies were formed, like getting into card battle games, or table-top tactical RPGs, and there are plenty of franchises out there that sustain themselves on the sale of figure statues, comic book releases and other expensive, quality merchandise. Problem is, LEGO shares a lot in common with Nintendo; they are extremely conservative and wont look very far beyond what they have always been doing. So the merch we did get from Bionicle has always been rather on the lame side, and when Bionicle stopped selling on the toy front (because... you know... the kids grew up after 10 years) they threw out the baby with the bathwater than realize that they were sitting on an IP that's a hotbed for becoming one for the ages like Star Wars or Marvel.
  19. Unfortunately I never got the chance to play with the Matoran throwing arm. However, they're essentially adaptations of the Throwbot arms and I did get to play with them. But I was like... 5... 6 years old so I hardly remember anything about them. Didn't get any Matoran in 2003 either, but in 2004... Exo Toa Canon; Originally from Knight's Kingdom, if I'm not mistaken. They were pretty good and flew pretty far. The projectile was also very hard to lose. 8/10 Kanoka Disk Launcher; Always thought it was some sort of crossbow when I was a kid. Anyway, pretty cool, albeit flimsy. Disk shoots pretty far, but only if you position it right. 6/10 Rotuka Spinners; Probably the longest range launchable Bionicle has ever had. But the score isn't just for that; It's virtually impossible to hit anything with it, so being one of those cheap copter toys is all it got going for it. 5/10 Zamor Sphere Gun; Because lets be real, it's a gun. These are alright save for the fact that posing with ammunition inside of them is impossible. They are, however, a lot more stable to fire than the disk launcher. But they look kinda... ugly. 6/10 Zamor Sphere Gun with magazine; Never liked these. Pose-ability is only mildly more improved due to the magazine, but the whole thing just looks bulky and cumbersome. 3/10 Squid Launcher; The concept in on itself was really weird to begin with. But I never even got it to work. 1/10 Cordak Blaster; Now we're talking! And Kongu does a 1-up on Terminator by wielding TWO miniguns! Can be fired very rapidly, looks cool to shoot because of its moving parts and the ammunition was surprising easy to find back due to its bright red colour. Incorporating it into builds was also easier due to its shape and connection points. 10/10 Chest Launcher; Kinda lame... honestly. Can only be used for stuff like bombing runs. The leaches were easily lost; most of the people I knew only had the orange delivery ball left after just a week. I did like the ribcage shape of the launcher though. Always tried making something macabre with it, like a skeleton Makuta with its cybernetics and organs exposed. 3/10 Midak Skyblaster; The bazooka that fires balls of pure elemental light! Or just a repurposed zamor sphere launcher. Yeah, I didn't like it at first because it was just using silver zamors, and we already had those, so it felt kinda cheap. But I quickly learned to love it for keeping the ammunition very safe, being able to incorporate into builds pretty well and... well... it just looks like a bazooka when a Matoran holds that thing! It's Bionicle's official bazooka! 9/10 Never had any Mistika, so I never got the chance to try out the Ninrah Ghost Blaster. Thornax Launcher; Was very "meh" to me. Was about as flimsy as the disk launcher but didn't have a cool design at all. I guess, because it exists as two parts, it's much easier to build with, though. 5/10 Stud Launcher; Cordak Blaster MKII, only this time with much easier to lose ammunition. 8/10 The irony. XD
  20. "Buy from Ahkmou's shop" N-... no I don't think I will...
  21. Unavailable!? Huh... I'll look into this immediately! edit: Alright, so for some reason I'm the only one who can download the attachment. I've provided an alternate Google Drive link in the main post, but I'll also give it here.
  22. Sort of. Blender 3D is a modelling program, but I've cut out the time and skills needed for modelling to create your own Matoran. All you need is a basic understanding of the Blender 3D interface and you should be able to use the parts provided to make a nice looking Matoran character. I go over basic details and such in the tutorial video. Thanks man! Me too! I hope this really kicks off!
  23. __==::P R O J E C T I N Q U I L I N A::==__ I’ve worked on this from mid Spring and all through Summer, and it’s finally done! Something I’ve wanted to make for literal years! I’ve uploaded a .zip file containing everything from Project Inquilina to my Drive, and it can be found here: Download from Google Drive Link to the Tutorial Vid: View On YouTube If you have any further questions which the tutorial doesn’t answer do not be afraid to ask. If there happens to be a lot of unanswered questions I might make a follow-up video. 4K Wallpaper. Can spot all the elements? ProjectInquilina_v1_package.zip
  24. Keep your eyes open for the end of August...
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