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  1. I don't see myself in the courtroom and that's probably a good thing. Unless I'm security...or something.
  2. The amount of suspense is such that I must build a suspension bridge to contain it.
  3. Will be out camping this whole week.

  4. You might want to sue that spider too. And ya know, the law is great and all, but sometimes you just gotta send the right person to...break some kneecaps. I don't care that the fourth wall probably doesn't have kneecaps.
  5. Why am I not the one doing this?
  6. I can turn the whole house into one big Viking funeral
  7. Everytime Soran depicts me he does a wonderful job. Don't dissapoint me.
  8. Well it wasn't me. Or was it? Anyway, lightly fried fish fillets anyone?
  9. I appove of this fish, he's got character. I support him and what he stands for.
  10. Yeah, that's pretty much me right there. Unfortunately in the real world I don't have Wind to cover all my...slipsXP Also can we call swimmy Kanye now?
  11. Mal offing everyone at the end was how it should be. Make it canon, give us peace. I would've done it but I was out and about crashing the moon into France. They had it coming
  12. Look at me, look at me. I am the captain now. There is no shore in sight for this lost voyage it seems. And yes, I would definitely high five someone if a situation like that arose and they happened to have their hand out. Whether it's a fish, the moon, or France.
  13. In regards to chopping down more trees, we need to beat the forests before they beat us. And of course I know what I'm doing. Btw, anyone want some freshly fried fish fillets?
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