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  1. Ah, well I was sure not everyone would like it. :/ I polled it.

  2. You got a name change again! :D

  3. I'm going to bash whoever rated you so bad... I gave you 5 stars to make up for it.

    Also, a few more chapters are up in my comedy if you'd like to run over and catch up. I actually finished the Potato Gun saga! :o

  4. Happy birthday, btw xD

  5. Oh yeah?

    Well, I'M a Scavenger Va! MWAHAHAHA!

  6. i'm officially older than you! :P

  7. Lol, ok. ;) So... what projects you workin' on?

  8. im still reading your com, spirah. i just have a tendency to not comment when im not in it. sorry.

  9. Hey there! Still following the comedy? Antrahka's really the only one still there... :P

  10. Hey, there's a couple of chapters up in my new epic. Wanna check it out?

  11. Hey! I'm back and with a new comedy topic! Go check it out!

  12. Wow! Great moc! Hundreds of times better than any of mine will ever be. You've got talent!

  13. Hia! It's me! Say, could you take a look at my comedy? It's great hilarious fun. Maybe you'd like comedy writing? It's awsome.

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