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    I'm not as much into Bionicle as much, but I luv spriting and such so you'll see the odd comment on new sprite kits and such.<br /><br />I like the band Cryoshell, and I'm involved in staff positions on such projects.<br /><br />I'm also working on an online Bionicle game. Check my topics and posts regularly, you should should see stuff about that!

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  1. Hey, are you still working on your game?

  2. Thank you for posting in my 3D MOC topic! :)


    Leader of 3D Modeling in B:NG

  3. Got anymore ideas?

  4. i PMed you some more bohrok sprites,btw.

  5. Cryoshell AND Pink. :D

  6. Oh wow this is a awesome idea. I would really love to help with this. Script - I have been writing stuff for at least three years and was wondering if you have a spot open? I would love to help with the writing for this. Art - I could make up some more advertising banners for this. I could also start experimenting with some texture making. 3D Art - I know some people that may want to help with this. I also have been fiddling with several 3D programs lately, so I may be able to help in the future for this as well. Resources - I can also supply links to a bunch of game music, textures, some 3D objects that I've collected, as well as anything else I can dig up. Yeah, so if I can be on them, put me up on a few of the worker lists please. I would absolutely love to help with this project. ~Torongo~
  7. You're welcome. :D

  8. Thanks for the banner, it's awesome!

  9. No, you haven't been a pain.

  10. A Lava Background please. ;)

  11. Wait, so you want a lava background? Or a lave background? I don't know what that means.

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