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  1. I'm seeing a message every time I try view a full news post from the homepage saying that I'm not authorized to view it. I don't know if this is happening to anyone else, but I haven't seen anyone else posting about it or anything.
  2. Caliga


    That's what everyone says until someone does it to them.
  3. I'm calling it now, they're bringing Tyreese and his group into the show by having them find Sophia.
  4. Does anyone else watch the show or read the comics? I'm quite into both, and I'm around issue 60 in the comics. Great series.
  5. Caliga

    So Everypony...

    I think that doing things like what you have in the title is why some people think MLP is being shoved down our throats. Just sayin.
  6. Having a differing opinion =/= Trolling. And no one is hating you for watching it, just not being a huge fan of the show. Overreacting and trying to look like a victim isn't gonna work.
  7. I already commented this in another blog, but I'd like to get this out there more. The big boom of bronies reminds me of when Portal came out. It wasn't expected to be so massive, and much of the fanbase is downright irritating about it. There were the Portal fans who would always be quoting GLaDOS, and would swoon if cake was even mentioned, and would shove the whole thing in your face at any opportunity. From my experience, much of the MLP fanbase is acting the same way. Of course, I am by no means saying that all Portal fans, and all MLP fans are like that. And I obviously can't stop you from acting like you will about MLP, but just try to remember how much of a pain the Portal fanboys were, ok?
  8. In my experience, the "psychotic" ones are the majority. You know how when Portal came out, most of the fans worshiped it to the point that they would constantly make jokes about cake and reference every line said in the game? In my eyes, it's a lot like that.
  9. It's BZPower, you can't honestly expect a disagreement to be settled without an argument that splits nearly the whole of the community.
  10. To be fair, most people here that don't like it are because of the fans, not because it's childish. Not to mention that the website is dedicated to this toy system built for young children.
  11. Let's not let the imminent bronies vs. anti-bronies thing become the next "true fans of Bionicle," ok?
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