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  1. I am a scientist I can observe Describe, categorize, dissect, Even worship Marvel at the genius and splendor of design Bear witness with a scholar’s reverence To the perfect unity of each part But I am a scientist And so I watch in silence And can only wonder At the craft of the creators, the artists, the architects -Helio
  2. HELIO IT'S BEEN FOREVER. I am so bad at even nominally keeping in touch with anyone. How is life, aside from disappearing blog posts on here, which is sort of in-between in the life category?

    1. ~Sol de Medianoche~

      ~Sol de Medianoche~

      Life is kinda ehhhhh, you know? Like I'm not in danger of starvation, hypothermia, being eaten by wild bears of any of that stuff. And I'm in college, but I'm not really sure what I'm doing there? =P So I'm doing all right, overall. As for life, not sure that I ever had one to begin with. =P Lately it's been consumed mostly by the internet and Breaking Bad. How about you, man?


    2. Overlord


      Yeah, I know that feeling I suppose. How is college besides the aforementioned uncertainty? :P May I ask where you are or is that not something people do? XP Anyway, sure you had/have a life, if it can be consumed by the internet! Ah, internet... Oh yeah and Breaking Bad too, that really has a way of taking up people's free time.


      I'm pretty well, comparatively an academic mutant as usual. Wrote a lot, traveled a fair bit, that kind of stuff. I should probably a...

    3. Overlord


      ... attend to collegeness too, but I guess I'll get to that in the fall semester.


      (and of course I forgot about BZP's comment character limit)

  3. Wait okay, so I was pretty sure I had at least two other blog posts since December of '11, but they've both vanished now. Huh. This post has been brought to you by apathy. -Helio
  4. I loved Huckleberry Finn too! (Mandatory) journals are rarely fun, but it's actually a really great book for discussion becuase there's a lot of great satire there that, as a modern audiance lacking the proper context, it's pretty easy too miss. I really loved The Adventures of Tom Sawyer as well; have you read it? It’s been too long since I’ve read either of them. I’d give 'em both another read, but I currently have about three books I’m juggling at once. I started re-reading The Hobbit a while back, and I’m about halfway finished with that, but I’m also trying to read through A Feast for Crows, of which I’ve read about 2%. Before that, I was reading The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy, but I only got about ten pages into it before I was distracted by A Song of Ice and Fire. In the middle of all that, I’ve been flirting with the idea of re-reading the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, and at some point I’d really like to read Travels with Charley. The last book I actually finished… ummm, I guess that'd be A Storm of Swords, which ate all my emotions and left me too drained to read anything else for a while.Oh dear. Looking at all that, I really have a tragically short attention span. -Helio
  5. Question: Alive or no?

    1. ~Sol de Medianoche~

      ~Sol de Medianoche~

      Nope, but I found out how to communicate across the other side, so it's all good!


    2. Overlord


      Excellent. But of course, the barrier between is quite permeable too... :P


      Apparently I'm a bit tardy in communicating from this side anyway, but WE WILL MEET AGAIN, SUN MAGE

  6. Actually, being a dead man, you're just about exactly as triumphant as I'd think. Maybe marginally more so, since you are still talking, after all.-Helio
  7. ...Does MS Paint count as "digital artwork?"The person below me believes most classics of literature are overrated.-Helio
  8. Bullet Soul- SwitchfootFor the lyric, "I want to sing one for all the dreamers."-Helio
  9. @Overlord: ...It's about Freddie Mercury's cat. XDThe song: This is tough for me, because it's completely out of the range of the style of music I typically listen to now. As a rule, I'm really not a screamo fan, so I can't honestly say I enjoyed it all that much, buuuuut, because of my unfamiliarity with the genre, I can't really evaluate it on its own merits either. I will say that I kinda liked the intro. Overall... I can't say that anything really stood out to me, unfortunately, though lyrically it felt kinda weak, and lyrics tend to be a major selling point for me. Sooooo... 1.5. Just ain't my cuppa tea.Wing-stock- Ashley MacIsaac-Helio
  10. Not that I'm aware of I haven't. Do you people know something I don't?!The person below me is an avid thespian.-Helio
  11. Huh, that's interesting; I actually like quite a few of the lyrics from this one. But then, I have somewhat questionable tastes, so there you go. =PBack on topic! I rather like this one. It's sort of playful and dreamlike, which is fitting, though that riff gets kinda repetitive. I'm gonna go ahead and say 4/5. Or maybe 3.5? Oh, whatever, I suck at this part, and I'm feeling generous. Final verdict is 4/5. :PAND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Delilah- Queen.-Helio
  12. Man in the Mirror- Michael Jackson-Helio
  13. Big Rock Candy Mountain- Harry McClintock=P-Helio
  14. 2/5. It's kind of interesting, but it's really just not my style. Not really a fan of the sort of off-key vocals-- I know that the singer's doing it intentionally, but to me it just comes off as monotone and lacking emotion. I do sort of like the mellowness of the first part, though.White Blank Page by Mumford & Sons.-Helio
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