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  1. Alex.

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    2. ~Sol de Medianoche~

      ~Sol de Medianoche~

      Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex. Alex Alex, Alex Alex Alex Alex? Alex Alex. Alex, Alex Alex Alex (Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex). Alex Alex Alex. Alex Alex Alex!

    3. ~Sol de Medianoche~

      ~Sol de Medianoche~

      Oh gosh. Your name has lost all meaning now. It's just gibberish. It's even starting to look weird in print...


    4. ~Sol de Medianoche~

      ~Sol de Medianoche~

      That's it. I'm taking this to PM, mister!



  3. Actually, I'm pretty sure that I'm later than you are. =P

  4. Well considering how many people's birthdays I'VE missed (including yours) , I suppose I can forgive you. :P It was during the server downtime anyway.

    So. Happy late birthday to both of us. :P

  5. Heeeeeey there. Happy four-day-late birthday.

  6. Oh yeah, I heard of that before... what is it about, exactly? It's sci-fi, right?

  7. May I ask who the three in your personal photo are?

  8. Hmm... I don't *think* so. Ood...

  9. 1) Because 111 is just better~

    2) Glad you enjoyed it. :3 "Dirty Second Hands" was familiar, eh? Odd, it was never released to radio, so I wonder where you might have heard it...?

  10. I rather like yours as well. =P

  11. That's be the literal translation, yep. Sun of Midnight/Midnight Sun, pretty much the same thing. =P

  12. I think I may be as in love with your icon as everyone *in* your icon is in love with Snape.

  13. I'm no Pandora Radio though, so if I'm wrong, go ahead and smack me. :D

  14. For Switchfoot… hmmmm. For starters, you might like “Learning to Breathe,” "Needle and Haystack Life," “Red Eyes” (best if you listen to those last two back-to-back, in that order. =D) and/or “Dirty Second Hands”.

  15. Never heard any of 'em. =D *Dashes off to [videosite] to give them a listen*

    ...Actually, not really sure about Switchfoot, but I think Civil Twilight just might be right up your alley. =P

  16. Plus a whole lot else like a few of my personal favorites "Bullet Soul," "Burn Out Bright", "Faust, Midas, and Myself", etc, etc...

  17. Well, if you're looking to try out some new music, I'd definitely say they're worth a try at the least. One of the things I like about them is that their sound is fairly versatile. They've got some softer acoustic stuff, hard rock, even a few that fall in between like "Daisy". Then there're some jazz and gospel influenced songs like "Company Car" and "Lov

  18. Thank you, thank you very much. :^D

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