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  1. Seeing that you aren't premier, you could post a help thing in your signature. I've done it before and gotten some good feedback; just give it a try.
  2. I don't really know the future, but if I would like see BZPower fade away from Bionicle. It's a dead line, I don't really see it coming back. As many of you said, I'de like to see BZP embrace other lines by LEGO; i.e. Architecture, Ninjago, etc.BZPower could make itself more prominent by "transforming" into more of a "social network" (I hope you get what I mean.). There are some great features in the new software which could help us. BZP should have an app or possibly make multiple apps, we could make some money from it.Maybe it could also expand it's COT Forums, not a lot, but add forums for art and possibly RPGs.So to summarize: [*]Fade away from Bionicle entirely.[*]Become more technologically advanced a.k.a lets get ourself out there through apps and other media.[*]Expand COT a little.Edit: The idea of a political talk sub-forum would be cool, but as Peach 00 said below 15 is little high for age restriction. Again, a forum like that would have to highly moderated.
  3. Wow, congratulations. Enjoy life!
  4. Exactly what I was trying to get across. Making it a multimedia, though slow at first. Also, the whole it having to be read in one big part could be fixed easily. Make it like Hero Factory, have it so each epic, story, etc was separate from the others. Meaning that it could be read without the others, but have some small connections to the other stories as well.
  5. Yes, I do have to agree some games help people think; i.e. Portal. But games like Grand Theft Auto, Modern Warfare, and others are just the mindless let's kill what ever we see kind of games. These are what I completely find uncreative and a waste of time and money.
  6. The closest you've gotten to playing games, or seeing creativity? If the former, then that's the whole problem right there. =PGames are as creative as movies, sometimes even more. Look at Zelda, look at stuff like Monster Hunter and God of War. Those are only some examples, and stuff from off the top of my head, and I know that others could explain better.But in the end, creativity is shown by many different things. Like the total difference of the setting of something, to something having totally unthought of powers, to many other things, like even the art style of a game at times. or even something as simple as a character wearing green clothes and becoming an icon in the process(*coughlinkcough*). There are many different reasons people say video games are creative. But... App store stuff? Not as likely to showcase the creativeness. =P ure, there might be some awesome games there, but there's also the tons of pure time wasters that you'd formerly see on the consoles, before there became an essential dedicated 'platform' for it. =P I should rephrase this, I mean the person playing the game, is that really creative. Playing is different from making.
  7. Playing video games has always been a waste of my life, the closest thing I've gotten to it was playing game apps. I just don't see the creativity people say comes from playing game. Where is it? If anyone would like to tell me why video games are creative, please post.
  8. I never did anything for it, but I loved reading the stories, and the art was amazing. I would love to see it come back, but if it didn't, well, that's fine too. Edit: If yo do bring it back, it would need a little more promoting. The promoting should be organized, and should capture the essence of it in the most simplistic way. You could try videos, posters, etc; but always make it simple not complicated.
  9. "I haven't failed, I've just found 10,000 that don't work." - Thomas Edison

  10. Yes, yes it is. Though, I really would like to see an amazing true alternate to it.( The Kindle Fire really isn't an alternate, IMO)
  11. Hey, I was told if you can play guitar you could have a very good chance at playing a piano. Maybe one day you'll be a famous musician. Hey, you got the same amount of chance as everybody.
  12. Cool, you going to take up the guitar?
  13. Interesting, seems weird.Most I can say is PM the problem to Black Six, so he can check it out.Edit: I also see some other problems as well, it's posting the wrong avatar for some of the users it talks about.
  14. What I got for Christmas. Money: -$100 in cash Lego: -Fallingwater(LEGO Architecture) Books: -Philosophy: Without the Boring Bits -An Uncommon History of Common Things -Javascript & AJAX for Dummies -Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever -Over the Edge of the World -Fast Food Nation -Mythology -Frank Lloyd Wright: A Life Extra: -2012 Beatles Calendar
  15. Sorry, but admins don't do this at request, seeing it'll be unfair to other members.It's happened to me before. You'll have to wait three months to change it.
  16. Drop Ship, just because I liked the larger sets, especially vehicle sets.
  17. I support Mitt Romney, he's a truthful & loyal man and a very good business leader. Edit: But I also like Ron Paul for standing like a rock on his values and beliefs, even if I don't agree.
  18. What is this? I go away for a couple of days, and this happens?!?
  19. I'm sure it's nothing to do with BZP's software, but seeing that you said you tried to download something. The best possibility is that something was hidden in those files.Seeing has I've been on Mac, I can't really tell you if it's 100% not from BZPower. But I'm sure if there was something my virus software would of picked it up and reported it to me.But as Onarax said, maybe just PM the Admins. They deal with this kind of stuff. Edit: Also, maybe try updating you computers software could possibly help fight the virus. And have you been doing anything else other than BZP?
  20. Love the name, love that album.

  21. [*]Be myself.[*]Write more.[*]Do more artwork.[*]Blog.I just want the simple stuff, if bigger stuff gets accomplished, hey it's good luck.
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