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  1. The Guy Who Came Back
    What I got for Christmas.
    -$100 in cash
    -Fallingwater(LEGO Architecture)
    -Philosophy: Without the Boring Bits
    -An Uncommon History of Common Things
    -Javascript & AJAX for Dummies
    -Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever
    -Over the Edge of the World
    -Fast Food Nation
    -Frank Lloyd Wright: A Life
    -2012 Beatles Calendar
  2. The Guy Who Came Back
    Recently I've been inspired to start writing here again, not a Lego or Bionicle story but an Off-Topic Story.
    The title is An Ant in Time. It'll revolve around a young boy from the Middle East who runs away from his family because they don't support his interest. Along his way he travels to Europe, Southeast Asia, and finally back home. Along the way meeting famous people from history and finding his true destiny.
    (Click Below for a Teaser)

  3. The Guy Who Came Back
    Well in my English class at school we're reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
    It's a very interesting book, Coelho's writing style is very fascinating.
    Any of you every read this book or other books by Paulo Coelho?
  4. The Guy Who Came Back
    Sony Pictures is about to gain rights to a biopic about Steve Jobs:
    Now if they get the rights, who should play Steve Jobs?
    Ralph Fiennes
    Christian Bale
    Edward Norton
    Tom Hanks
    Stanley Tucci
    Michael Cera
    Ryan Gosling
    Andrew Garfield
    Noah Wyle (Now, Noah Wyle already played Steve in the 1999 tv movie, Pirates of Silicon Valley.)
  5. The Guy Who Came Back
    Title pretty much says all. What did Steve Jobs mean to you? He had to have effected you in some way, I mean without him computers wouldn't have a GUI most likely, or if they did it would be years behind.
    As for me...
    I've read biographies on Mr. Job's life and philosophies and it has touched me and has help create goals I have for my future. I will deeply miss hi,m and his visions about people and technology.
  6. The Guy Who Came Back
    So, in my school I have to take a career program, I chose IT (because I love computers).
    And my teacher is well new, and I swear he hates my guts, because anytime I contradict something we are watching he marks me up.
    I mean, aren't I allowed to state my opinion, sheesh.
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