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  1. Yes, for sure. I think that while Ausar was brilliant, it doesn't necessarily hinge on him. I think Kohila, Ballom, Koji, and many other members would be qualified to lead it. Heck, I'd give a shot at being Turaga since BZPower isn't so busy anymore.It's sad to see that it's all collapsed, but I think that if it restarts we should take Celu's suggestion into consideration--make it more accessible, and publicize it more. The criticism I often saw for the C.I.R.C.L.E. was that it was too complex, and a good deal of people seemed to think that all the stories had to be read as one large part, not as disconnected parts of the same fanon. Maybe we could make this more clear, and do something like hold contests, create a larger amount of multi-author stories, etc.I could help with Wiki formatting, by the way. The one we have now is nifty, but very dated and very much like BS01. I think it could possibly be handled in a simpler, more cohesive manner.


    Exactly what I was trying to get across. Making it a multimedia, though slow at first.


    Also, the whole it having to be read in one big part could be fixed easily.


    Make it like Hero Factory, have it so each epic, story, etc was separate from the others. Meaning that it could be read without the others, but have some small connections to the other stories as well.

  2. the closest thing I've gotten to it was playing game apps.
    The closest you've gotten to playing games, or seeing creativity? If the former, then that's the whole problem right there. =PGames are as creative as movies, sometimes even more. Look at Zelda, look at stuff like Monster Hunter and God of War. Those are only some examples, and stuff from off the top of my head, and I know that others could explain better.But in the end, creativity is shown by many different things. Like the total difference of the setting of something, to something having totally unthought of powers, to many other things, like even the art style of a game at times. or even something as simple as a character wearing green clothes and becoming an icon in the process(*coughlinkcough*). There are many different reasons people say video games are creative. But... App store stuff? Not as likely to showcase the creativeness. =P ure, there might be some awesome games there, but there's also the tons of pure time wasters that you'd formerly see on the consoles, before there became an essential dedicated 'platform' for it. =P


    I should rephrase this, I mean the person playing the game, is that really creative.


    Playing is different from making.

  3. I never did anything for it, but I loved reading the stories, and the art was amazing.


    I would love to see it come back, but if it didn't, well, that's fine too.


    Edit: If yo do bring it back, it would need a little more promoting. The promoting should be organized, and should capture the essence of it in the most simplistic way. You could try videos, posters, etc; but always make it simple not complicated.

  4. It's weird, I suddenly have all these instances where Siri would actually be useful. However, I have an regular iPhone 4, and I love it to death, so I have no particular want for a 4S.


    Well, the 4s is a good upgrade if your coming from a 3Gs or below. If you have a 4, I'd wait for the iPhone 6/LTE/s or what ever it'll be called.

  5. Here's some tips:


    >Start out having like one of the individuals having like an infatuation with the other. The other doesn't notice the person.


    >Slowly they begin to have small conversations with each other, like in a class or group, etc.


    >Then the other (as I see it the girl was the one who was ignoring the boy at first), well anyway the girl starts to slowly have feelings for the other, she thinks it's weird.


    You get where I'm going with this?


    There, and don't judge me! I watch way to much TV. :P


    Edit: I'd suggest this is like a side-story for another story, like have the boy be going on a journey to find his destiny. Just seems right.


    Yet again this is your story, not mine...

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