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  1. I wouldn't have know about this day until you mentioned it. Honestly I didn't think such a day actually existed. The sad reality is that while we have problems that plague all the sexes we decide as a society to only pay attention to a few, and this is not just speaking about disenfranchised males, females still are lacking in a wages compared to men, in 2012 women made 76.5 cents to every dollar a man makes, this is no good.


    The thing is men suffer, but often they do so silently, this is mainly because as a society we have been taught to look down on the male gender, especially when it asks for help. Men are demeaned asking for it, and why? Perhaps because as much as we like to believe our society has advanced, we still view women as the weaker gender and males as the stronger sex, and this demeans both genders. There are many problems, many societal thought processes that must change, informing people of the tragedies that befall both genders will make us a more rational, forward thinking society that cares about the rights of all.


    I thought this would be an interesting article to add, it's by Peter Marin, and pertains to homeless males: http://keddycsi.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/abandoning-men_-jill-gets-welfare.pdf

    Thanks for informing me, and I looked forward to discussion on such matters.

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