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  1. IC: (Valria) I started looking around the room, pulling an lighstone from my knapsack, slung over my shoulder. Agni's hovering flames were helping, but it made it easier to make out details as I walked around. I wanted towards where I last remembered Echelon standing. "This is where I last saw Echelon, before I lost consciousness during the fight. I think we should start here."
  2. IC: (Hari Korari) "Alright then, have a great day!" I replied, before moving along. Roth's location was on the side of the Koro where things were darker, both literally and figuratively. The air wasn't as well lit, perfect conditions for my Huna. On this shady side of town, the side where things had potential to get really hairy I had to watch my step. Two Toa were looking my way, both male, one of them had that devilish grin on his face. The kind a child made when they were planning some sort of cruel prank. It made me nervous, but I hide it. I needed to find Roth, find the one bit of information I had on my parents and it was here in Onu. I made my way to the residence looking around, to make sure no one was following me, before knocking on the door.
  3. IC: (Kino Iho) "Who's back?" I asked, as Angelus slightly pushed me along, back around the Lavapool Inn. The wreckage of the Lavapool Inn nagged at me, I wasn't around and I should have been. Just from the reports Angelus and I were getting, things had been bad. The destruction of the Lavapool Inn, a place I preferred to hang out, just like many residents of Ta-Koro. I dipped a plantain chip into the berry sauce, munching on it as I thought over what I wanted to do, but feeling guilty for not being available in the first place. I sipped my smoothie, a mix of bula berries, mangoes, and pomegranate, sweet but not too sweet. I wrapped an arm around Angelus' waist, squeezing him and leaned against him a bit. Right now Angelus was the only comfort I had, and now I was worried that because I distracted him that one night, he was now beating himself up like I was to myself. I'd find the responsible for this, I couldn't focus on the past and on my guilt, I needed to help Angelus and the people of Ta-Koro, my new home. They deserved better than one of their detectives wallowing in guilt, when she could help with repairs or track down the ones responsible.
  4. IC: (Hari) "Oh you recently became a Turaga? That's well...rather rare actually, interesting as well, if there's anything I do Turaga to make it up for mistake, let me know." I smirked, I really had to find Roth though, there were things I need to do, chapters of a book I needed to finish. To stand here, was almost like I was nervous, delaying what I was really here for.
  5. IC: (Sakuya Harada) "Well, I...uh just knew that Alex is kinda reclusive, and well things happened last year and well now you're the most prominent guys on campus, among a few others." Sakuya responded, she was a little confused, though she could see it as Dallas picking on Alex. "You're a mostly relaxed dude, and a chronokinetic, to be honest I don't know much. I hear the general things, ya know." Part of her was beginning to think she made a mistake somewhere along the way. Maybe she should have gotten something from the cafeteria and gone back to her room. She felt so awkward. Part of herself raged against this feeling welling up, denying it. That feeling that it was better if stuck to music. "So you're a musician, right Dallas?" There, that was better, much less awkward. IC: (Asa) "Would you like it if I did?" Asa chuckled, running her hand against his shoulder, massaging it. She didn't plan on it though, the makeup was when she was Ripple, but she wasn't going to the Gala as Ripple. She was going as Asa, and would have the handsome and powerful Daken on her arm. She smiled at that, smiled because she didn't believe things could get this good. Things normally didn't, not to people like her, and yet here she was.
  6. IC: (Sake Harada) Sake's hand reached out to firmly grasp Alex's. Dallas seemed a little taken back by her for some reason. Sakuya thought maybe it was because of the air she gave off, so she tried to relax a little, to seem a little less confrontational. "Yeah, I didn't think I'd bump into you two. It's hard not to know who the two of you are." Sakuya smirked, the facial feature lasting only a second. A small bit of fear ate into her, what if she came off too strong, to much like she was looking for a fight. Yeah she knew she was difficult, and really fiery but, it was just hard trying to get the right words to fit, and making them sound real. IC: (Asa) A soft moan escaped from Asa's lips, a smile upon her lips as she felt Daken's hand press against the fabric, that lazy but loving kiss. She ran her hands around his neck and shoulders rubbing and massaing them. "To be honest I've never been to a Gala before, parties sure, but nothing high class." "Well, scratch it off the bucket list. You've hooked up with a man of wealth and taste. I've killed designers for less important things than my outfit." "I'm not surprised, and thank you," Asa chuckled.
  7. IC: (Asa Thurman) Asa wrapped her arms around Daken as she leaned against him in the bed, that playful smirk every present on her lips, though her eyes remained closed. She opened her mouth speaking softly. "You know I have a couple of dresses I recently purchased, perhaps I could show you them before we head off?" Her eyes opened and looked at Daken, expecting a response. IC: (Sakuya "Sake" Harada) Sakuya's bus ride to downtown Westchester had been uneventful, she was hungry and also a little bored, besides some Five Guys burgers were sounding absolutely delicious at the moment. Her headphones were fitted over her ears as she listened to various Sleigh Bells tracks. The bus slowed down and she looked up, it was her stop, stepping off the bus she opened the door and walked inside. Shutting off her iPod, wrapping the headphones around it she walked up, seeing two familiar faces from school. "What a coincidence, hello Dallas and Alex," Sakuya spoke. Sakuya had auburn hair, cut in a short bob. She had fierce dark green eyes and she was wearing her favorite backless tank top, a black one with the word riot, in bold capital letters. She wore blue jeans that had definitely seem some experience and a black leather jacket to cover her exposed back. She had heard of Dallas and Alex, never really met either of them in person. Was one of those things where she never bumped into them.
  8. IC: (Asa Thurman) Sometime after dinner Asa came back to Daken's room, their room, she liked to believe. Daken had hung around for a few minutes before mentioning he had something else to resolve, but it wouldn't take him long. Asa gave him a peck on the cheek before he left. While Daken was busy she flipped through TV channels on the bedroom television, bored for a while. She sat up, pulling the blanket up over her, as she set about making some notes. She flipped through the inventory of gear Daken had allowed on the iPad Daken had given her. A variety of weapons was the biggest part of the list, actual equipment like grappling hooks, breaking and entering tools were sizable but not huge. Heck there were sometimes they didn't necessarily have on hand, but could "acquire" put a smile on Asa's face. Oscorp was like Amazon for mercenaries, except the best part was, it was all basically "free". Free based upon continuing cooperation, and Asa had no thoughts of betrayal or finding work elsewhere. She knew exactly where she belonged, as she mused over her options she heard the door handle turn and that familiar, smooth and yet attention-demanding voice speak. "Enjoying jihadist Skymall?" Daken set a suitcase on the dresser and ran a hand through his mohawk casually. "I'm seeing a lot of little red circles on that screen." "Yeah, seems Osborn was acquired quite a lot of toys over the years, it's nice to be able to widen my collection." Asa chuckled, before asking him a question. "Did it go well?"
  9. OOC: I'm continuing the Soraya/Hanako post from Kentoku, since I wasn't able to respond to it earlier. IC: (Hanako Herupa) I moved aside with Nihi and Soraya. I listened to Soraya's concerns and I could understand them. Her reservations of Yumi and I were well-placed, but even then I hope to convince her that our plans weren't as bad as she would believe. To be honest I agreed with her on many points, and as one of Yumi's advisers and servants she was likely to put me in the same light as Yumi. Something that frankly ticked me off, after Yumi had done somethings that I thought that I thought were cruel. "Soraya the reason this trip was commissioned in the first place was so that we could learn more about the people. Our last visit here was extremely short, and the amount of information was minuscule compared to what we could learn. This trip isn't just for the Rora, but for all the people of the Dasaka Empire. I understand your frustration with the Rora and the rest of the nobility and while some of them look down on anyone who isn't them I am not one of them. Do I look at a Saihoko and see anything less or more, do I see just a caste? No, they are something more, they deserve to be treated with the same respect anyone is due," I could tell the frustration was dripping from my voice, the annoyance that I treated people as if they were chess pieces on the board. And yet, maybe that wasn't too far from the truth, my entire life was devoted to helping the now Rora to make smart political maneuvers. Perhaps I wasn't as noble as I thought, perhaps I justified terrible deeds with good intentions. "I'm sorry, Soraya I-I would like to talk with you later, but for now I think I will retire to my quarters." Now my face was flush with embarrassment, with shame of how I had behaved. She must have thought of me as unstable, unfit, a regular basket-case and an impulsive girl unable to keep her cool. I looked like a fool to those who were around, and I'd return to my quarters to punish myself for this mistake. How could I be so rash and in front of the others, what was wrong with me?
  10. IC: (Hari) "I'm sorry sir, is there any way I can make it up to you?" I frowned, I felt more than a little guilty knocking the Turaga over. As much as I really wanted to check in with this Roth guy I should stay with the Turaga, at least till I knew he was well. That and I needed to make it up to him. I wondered how my friends were doing right now, and I felt that pang in my heart. Guilt at leaving them behind to pursue my own interests, hoping they were doing well. In all reality they probably were, they were strong before me, I wasn't anything special, they probably wouldn't even notice I was gone after a while. I mean, besides being all giggly and fun I suppose, I guess I didn't do much. That was another reason to leave, to stop weighing the rest of them down, hanging onto Krayn every second or bothering Naona and Skyra for shopping trips. They had better things to do than waste time with me. Some girl who kept up this happy view when in reality I didn't know my family or myself as well as I hoped. I hope this trip would finally lay some of my questions to rest.
  11. IC: (Braen) Rubbing Lana's back, Brean's lips twisted into a smirk. "I believe so, this Dark Toa is among the most powerful of his kind, a man or something more that has sparred with people of all sorts and survived them all. It is that power, that skill, that cunning I wish to harness. In his own way he'll be a strong leader, the kind of guy people will rally around. Not because he's nice, or devoted to a cause, but because he is good at what he does. I don't doubt if he could stand to gain more by killing me, he would. However he'll have the most to gain by working alongside me, and that is why I am in an advantageous position. I hold more cards up my sleeve than most realize." Braen gave Lana a quick kiss on the cheek. "You're really excited to meet him, huh?"
  12. IC: (Valria) "That's fine, you can trust him, but don't expect me to, not out of the gate. If he gains my trust then that will be great. He doesn't have it now, I'll need better proof than just his words. As much as we can tarry on this subject I'd prefer if we start talking how we're going to destroy Echelon. To be honest there's quite a few purchases I think we'll need to make before we go after him and stop this monster dead in his tracks. Every day we wait is a day he gets stronger." I replied. I respected Merror and I was willing to work with him, but he shouldn't expect others to trust blindly like that. Too many things have gone wrong, too many people have gotten hurt by such behavior. I turned to Aerus, the matoran and supposedly ex-ally to Echelon. "I think you already know forgiveness and trust is not something you are given. It is something you earn, and it can be shattered very easily. Merror is putting faith in you, and I will respect that. However if you betray that trust, expect punishment, because it will be swift. On that you can trust me." I said to him. I went back to sipping my coffee, we've spent a lot of time talking, but not a lot of time doing. It was time to get back out in the field, and Echelon was due a reckoning and I planned on being one of the people to deliver it.
  13. IC: (Kino) I could tell Angelus was worried I'd put him through the gauntlet in order to find his Captain's badge, another series of giggles escaped from my lips. Sorry, I couldn't help it. "What you, did you think I was going to make you take all morning to find it?" I laughed, slipping a hand into my back pocket and pulling it out, setting it in Angelu's hand. "Nah, I wouldn't do that...not today at least. You and I probably got lots of work to catch up on today. Besides this breakfast bar you frequent sounds kinda good, I'd hate to delay any longer." My stomach grumbled in agreement. I had more pranks for him later, but for now it was enough, besides I've already dallied a bit too much.
  14. IC: (Kino) About fifteen minutes later I came out of the bathroom, showered and in my leather armor, making sure it fit snugly yet comfortably, before sneaking behind Angelus and wrapping an arm around his chest with a smirk across my lips. "Hey Jungle Boy, you looking for something?" I couldn't help but let the giggle escape from my lips. I knew what he was looking for and where it was, but for a few minutes more I'd tease him just a bit longer. He was way too much fun. After last night, I felt on top of the world, as much as I goofed off I did like helping them out at the Guard. They were good to me and it was only right to be good to them and the people of Ta-Koro. Part of me still worried about how they would react if they knew who I had been, what I had done. I tried to act like that was another life, another me. Angelus didn't need to know, Jaller didn't know. To them I was just some mercenary that rolled into town, and took a liking to it, and I preferred for it to stay that way. Instead I sealed up those thoughts in a safe and hide it away, no reason to bring it up. No reason to let them know.
  15. IC: (Braen) "Really, then why don't you come over here," Braen chuckled, motioning for Lana to join him on the couch. "It'll probably be sometime before we have guests."
  16. IC: (Valria) "That's good! Keep in mind if you're lying about turning a new leaf and betray us; I promise I will use my powers to flatten you like a pancake. Are we clear?" I said, taking a few bites of my eggs and sipping my coffee as I looked across the table at the matoran. Last time he traveled with us, we all came pretty close to dying and Echelon got away. So pardon me if I didn't trust an associate of Echelon. "Don't worry about surviving Echelon. He's not going to be walking away next time we meet, I'll break his legs if he tries to run." I replied coolly, to be honest while things had gotten better for me I wasn't an idiot. I would not be lulled into some false sense of security just because our little "friend" happened to be a matoran. It didn't make him defenseless, it made him even more dangerous. Everyone underestimated matoran, and it was something they did at their own peril. Aerus didn't have my trust, I trusted Agni and Merror just fine, and Liacada seemed to be a decent person.
  17. IC: (Hari) "Oh no, I'm sorry Turaga. I'm sorry that I didn't notice you, guess I've just been a little off is all," She turned and looked down slightly to regard the Turaga. Her face grew hot from the embarrassment and guilt of bumping into a Turaga and getting in his way. She stepped to the side to let him pass. "Once again I'm so sorry about that Turaga."
  18. IC: (Asa Thurman) Asa grabbed two waters, one for her and the other for Daken. Setting it down with a smile, she grabbed the seat beside him, popping the cap off the water before digging into the juicy burger. The crispy and warm pretzel bun, the tomato and lettuce, the mustard and ketchup all blended together perfectly. She wiped her face with a napkin, before taking a sip of water. "So what's next for us Daken?" She asked. So far they had dealt with issue that was John. Daken had his team fully assembled it seemed, and yet nothing much was happening. Not that she minded much, just meant she could relax and also spend more time with Daken. It was strange most people wouldn't trust him, most people tell you that you definitely shouldn't, and yet Asa seemed to have complete trust in him. She felt safe, and she felt like this was the right place for her? The Avengers? No, that life was far behind her, she couldn't go back if she wanted and she didn't really want to. As she waited for Daken's response she took another bite of her scrumptious burger.
  19. IC: (Kino Iho) I smiled, moving to Angelu's side and sitting up with a yawn. "Alright, so what's this breakfast place you're talking about?" I asked, looking lazily back to Angelus. I did chuckle a little earlier, when Angelus hadn't quite been able to move. We couldn't stay here much longer, both of us needed to get back to HQ.
  20. IC: (Hanako Herupa) "So when she was Chojo she promised you would be part of the trip, hmm," I spoke aloud, mulling over. "I can the anger, your impulsiveness, you don't try very hard to hide it. Yumiwa made a promise to you. While I am inclined to agree with the Commodore, I believe you are more than your thirst for vengeance. I believe you're capable of taking this trip with us, with keeping your emotions under control, of making smart decisions. The Chaotic Six, while discerning their exact location and bringing them to justice will be a part of our mission. Hopefully in cooperation with the villages on Mata Nui we can do so. However none of us can run off to face them on our own, as I'm sure you would want to. You want to make them suffer, you want justice for your sister. I want for her to get justice as well, she deserves it, you deserve that peace of mind," I nodded. "However, that is not our main reason for being there, we are there to learn more about the people, to understand what they are like, to broker more alliances, to see what their island has to offer and they, the people of it. I have some stipulations for you. First, you will stay by my side during the expedition. Second, your personal goals come second to the goal the Rora set out for us. Third, you may inquire the whereabouts of the Chaotic Six but be respectful of the people there. We are there to make a good impression on them. If you cannot meet these stipulations set for, you will be left in the brig for breaking them. I have faith in you Nihi, don't disappoint me by breaking my trust." I got up and turned to Ayiwah, bowing again. "I feel these stipulations are satisfactory, if there are any that you you would like to set forth for her, please do. I believe the Rora's promises to her people should be kept. However, this is also not a trip of personal desires and goals, we are traveling to Mata Nui for the good of the Kentoku Archipelago and her people. A single person's goals will not endanger the entire mission. Is there still room for her aboard the ship? I really hope that it won't be difficult, should she choose to agree to the stipulations and join us."
  21. IC: (Hanako Herupa) "Hmm, then we must go and resolve this. I'll follow you then" I replied, nodding. Nihi Eiyu, whose sister laid bed-ridden at the hospital. Poor girls, they have both suffered. It was clear what she probably wanted out of this mission, to get her revenge on the Chaotic Six. As much as I could understand her frustration, her sadness, her anger. My first thought was to have her removed from the submersible. She would likely endanger our mission in her lust for vengeance. Still a part of me did believe that she capable of keeping herself under control. Perhaps she could still pursue her goal, but with Ayiwah's sailors and soldiers, making sure she didn't complicate our diplomatic mission. Well I would decide when I saw her, and also see what Ayiwah thought.
  22. IC: (Hanako Herupa) I froze right in place when I heard Desde. I sighed and chuckled lightly as she ran up to me, smiling. It was good to see Desde one last time before I went. Although...I am a little disappointed she wasn't back home getting rest. I couldn't help but laugh a little, when spoke of some jungle boy stealing me away. I would try and relax some on this vacation, but it was still my duty to act in Yumi's place. I thought for a second of how she would probably behave and a part of me was starting to think it was a really good idea that she wasn't coming. I felt Desde's arms wrap around my neck and speak to me. I smiled gently and sighed. "I'm going to miss you too, Desde. I won't be gone for forever, so you don't have to worry about that. I'll try and enjoy myself while I'm there." Desdemona Umbraline, the closet thing I had to a little sister. I releases Desde from the hug, turning to face Commodore Ayiwah and her Lieutenant. "Hello Commodore Ayiwah and Lieutenant Tazera, it is an honor to be traveling in such company. I was just saying my goodbyes to Princess Desdemona. I have only brought a few things, so I hope I won't be cluttering up the Chiisai Ryuu for you and your subordinates." I smiled, bowing in respect, and then lifting my bags to show how much I brought. Actually only about several bags, I thought it prudent to travel light.
  23. IC: (Asa Thurman) Asa went back to her room, to clean up and grab a fresh pair of clothes. After washing up she pulled out some shorts and a pink t-shirt. Walking back she grabbed a seat besides Daken. She wasn't sure how Daken felt, did she feel guilty, responsible for John's death? Guilty? No, something must have caused Daken to decide his time was up. Responsible though, yeah she knew it was her that gathered the team. John must have been nothing but a nuisance, but it was pitiful watching him begging for his brother's forgiveness. Didn't die like a warrior either, his jump had ended with him splattered against the city street like a bug against a windshield. Earlier she had bought some dessert, three freshly baked cherry pies, and several cartons of french vanilla ice cream now sitting in the freezer. Oh the burger looked so good to her, juicy with tomato and lettuce, with ketchup and Dijon mustard, on the pretzel buns. She forgot her drink, getting up she walked over to the refrigerator. "Hey you guys, while I'm over here, anything you want?"
  24. IC: (Vera Pozlin, Polzin Estate) I had asked my assistants to keep me privy of the island current events. So just before I was about to tell Jin, Pae, and Nika about their objective, I was interrupted by the rapping of knuckles upon wood. Activating my mask I scanned the door, it was Myra one of the Ga-Matoran who had helped keep me organized. As much as I liked to believe I had everything planned down to a t. I still needed people to help with some of the specifics I happened to miss. “Come in,” I said. The door pushed open and Myra realized I wasn’t alone. “Oh I see you have company, ma’am. Should I tell you later?” She replied. “No, something come up?” “You asked us to let you know if there changes in events I thought I should let you know the lockdown in Ko has been lifted.” “Thank you Myra, perhaps you could go ahead and get us a table at the usual place?” I asked, mulling over information. Coincidentally the previous situation with Ko had me quite interested, I had intended to send these hired mercenaries to see what it was about, to learn more, and maybe track down these ghosts, in the mean time there was an organization of interest, I had hear rumblings of a change in power, but I wanted to confirm it. “Yes ma’am.” She waved goodbye as she left. A small smirk appeared on my face. “Well it just so happened I was intending to all of you to Ko-Koro anyway, now you have more to go on and less restrictions to work within. Now wiith so many village still suffering from these old wounds we’re going to need people whose skills are uncommon, like you three. The fourth man who will be joining you will have his own unique talents. That’s why I need you all, if these people keep hiding in the shadows then it is there you will do battle. As before you mission is in Ko-Koro, I will be providing sufficient funding for your work, and at the end of your career with me, I intend to fulfill the promise I gave you all in your letters.” Reaching to the side of my chair, I hefted a bag of widgets, tossing one to each of them. More than enough to cover expenses. “Report back to me when you have information on why and who killed him.”
  25. IC: (Hanako) Later in the day, after my lunch with Desde I had come to the Little Dragon. I needed to make sure that Desde and Yumi were okay, I had been so focused on Yumi though, I had forgotten her sister and the stresses that were placed upon her. Not only did I feel guilty, there were times I felt closer, more understood by Desdemona than Yumi could ever hope to know. As much as Yumi told me to speak freely, there were so many times it was clear that she just wanted me as something to bounce her opinions and ideas off of. She's my best friend, but she can be abrasive and recent issues had not helped Yumi's attitude, position of Rora, her mother's death. It was all too much for both sisters and I did my best I could for both of them. The trip was still on. This time however, Yumi wasn't joining me, and Desde wasn't going in her place. Both sisters would remain in Kentoku and that was for the best, in the current climate our travels to Mata Nui could put some issues to rest, such as the location of the Chaotic Six (hopefully). The luggage I had brought wasn't too much, I had my normal type of dress, the red robes and leggings I had normally worn around. My hood was drawn back however as I gathered the packs, one of the servants had aided me and I thanked her, she looked surprised. As I thought over it, while I wasn't royalty like the Umbralines, the Herupa were prominent enough and the company we normally kept looked down on servants like this woman. I frowned internally, for this woman was polite, friendly and helpful. She seemed like a nice person and yet many a Menti would look at her, seeing only a Saihoko, and saying that word with such revulsion. I tried not to think of it, but it remained there nagging at my mind. As I approached the ship I spoke aloud to those standing at the gangplank. "Hello! It is I, Hanako Herupa. I wish to apologize to you all and the Commodore for my tardiness. I had wished to make sure things would go well, and servants attending the Rora and her sister knew everything they needed to handle while I am away. I want to apologize to the Commodore in person, for I should have sent a message ahead to alert you to this. Could I speak to her, if she's available?"
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