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  1. And I see that Light only has a few steps to get to. <.< >.>


    Hey, as long as I don't have to fight Kale 2.0, go for it (oh wait, I'm playing the sheriff who hates Biomechs...). Plus being a Toa of Light has other advantages (remember Virse's reaction?). 'Course, it is one of the harder elements to learn, as it requires the user to purge themselves of all darkness much like those alternate Makuta.


    Speaking of Kale, I've been writing up some misadventures of Kopen lately, and she's learned a bit of hardlight design from him. :D

  2. I'll be honest, you're kind of underselling your work, which is sad to see. :( I know pricing commissions online is hard but I hope you try charging by time investment.


    That's what I tried to do, but I didn't think anyone would consider buying a commission over $10. It's hard enough to find people who would do a $5 commission...

  3. This... Seems like a long-term project. And you previously said you were leaving.


    How long do you plan to stay?


    From how things are looking right now, odds are I'll be here for a month or two. Plenty of time to get a few commissions done if anyone asks for them.

  4. I might be interested in taking advantage of this. There's been a character I've wanted to have drawn for awhile.


    How do you do with sketching out people? If it helps there would be lots of armor.


    Prices seem reasonable to me.


    My people are... okay, I suppose. Armor would help. I'd be willing to give it a try if you are.

  5. The vector icon link doesn't show anything? 


    Also quick question: for the Digital Shaded+, if one were to perhaps ask for a scene of two characters done in that sort of advanced detailing but then perhaps want the scenery around them done in a lesser style (let's say art markers), would the cost then be $50, or would a "customized" price be arranged?


    (It's super cool that you're doing this BTW)


    Huh. The links are working for me...


    I guess the pricing on that really just depends on the level of detail. If the characters and/or background are extremely complicated (like Bayformers level), it might end up around there, but for just a simple background and reasonable characters, the pricing could be adjusted.

  6. Notice, how only the protector of jungle has a name? :P


    Very nice, but I'd love to see your take on how the Toa should be. I think they tracked way off of gen 1 when creating personalities. Sleepiness? really?


    Well, I wanted to just leave them all as "Protectors," but then I started calling the Protector of Jungle Brynn... and then I couldn't come up with anything else. In the story, I just rationalized it as everyone knowing her name before she became a Protector from her days as a messenger.


    My take on the Toa would probably be pretty much exactly like G1, abolishing those ridiculous quirks that I've never liked. 

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  7. Glad to hear this, soon to be Elder!


    You'll enjoy this "vacation" greatly! Wish I could upvote this more than once lol


    *wink wink* Good to see I'm not the only one here. I'm really looking forward to it.


    Oh wow, sorry to hear you'll be leaving. :C


    Where exactly are you headed?


    Berlin, Germany.

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  8. Plenty of interesting ideas in this article. I didn't even know half of them existed. Perhaps a Stonepunk Northern Continent... :D


    Wealthy Metru Nui Lady by day, Silent Assassin by night incoming, perhaps. Complete with bag of everything and a need for diesel-powered speed, of course, as any fashionable lady must have. Lady Dajik, at your service.



    Did I mention this is a great idea? Steampunk and Cyberpunk Bionicle always looked good...

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  9. Is that birch-bark armor? 'Cus that is awesome.

    That was actually the idea, but I never said it explicitly so no one would feel obliged to do birch armor. I just love birch trees. :D


    I just wanted to say that a fall-colored Toa of Plantlife is absolutely brilliant

    I'm kind of hoping someone tries it at some point. Blue and green is such an odd color scheme for a Toa of Plantlife. Fall colors would make more sense and be awesome.


    Well, after seeing how cheap Premier Membership is (especially with the sale), I thought I'd buy just a 3-Month membership and try it out. Just to see if the perks are worth it. I never really thought I have to get Premier, but I've been lurking on this site long enough without supporting much anyways.

    Yeah yeah you just want to participate in that raffle for Emmet's Construct-o-Mech. ;)


    -Gata signoff.png


    That too. :)

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