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  1. IC: Garuda - Tesara A short time later, Garuda sets down in the usual lot with her usual lack of care and hopped down, waiting for Tilly. IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse He sighs. "This is out of my pay grade. I'd let the Captain handle it herself if she wasn't... indisposed." IC: Kaenis - New Atero Four what? Never mind. "Yeah, I... I don't have anything going on."
  2. IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse Mirror stiffened as the large guard ducked out beside him, but he quickly recognized her and let out his caught breath. "Hadraeka..." he sighed. "You scared me." IC: Kaenis - New Atero Feeling marginally more comfortable, Kaenis peeks out a little farther, and her voice steadies. "It was something like... two years ago? It's not dangerous, I've been there myself. It's just... mysterious. Just this glowing symbol of the three virtues."
  3. IC: Garuda - Tesara Outskirts Garuda started up the Sand Bat and saluted with one claw as the craft's multitude of wings grated into takeoff position, and she rocketed off toward the city above. After the day's events, and what was going on down below, it didn't feel right to Garuda how quiet everything was. She was ready to just go to bed and put those memories behind her. IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse (Silvana Interrogation Room) "No..." Mirror admitted, "But if those machines come back, and my friends die keeping you safe, you might as well have." He opens the door, and walks out. IC: Kaenis - New Atero Kaenis couldn't help herself, she shifted some of the bundles in her arms to try to peer around them without giving too much away. Still, Bacchus would have his best chance to glimpse her (hideous) long, shield-like face that seemed stretched and warped beyond its normal shape, her (greedy) emerald eyes beneath, wide with curiosity. "People have been trying to figure out the Arena for years," she muttered, showing a clear tension between her shyness and need to find out more. "It started glowing a couple years back, but... no one's been able to make sense of it." IC: Arkis - Cliffside Blissfully unaware of the havoc going on above, Arkis was in his surgery, operating on a grizzled Skrall who had badly broken and twisted his arm "in er... minor scuvle." Whatever the real cause, Arkis was happy to have a native to operate on today, happy enough to be humming an old tune his mother had taught him as he searched through his instruments. Finding what he was looking for, he turned back to the patient with a crooked grin. "Now, uh... this... this won't hurt a bit!" He chuckled alone at his own joke, for the patient was already unconscious. He pushed his coat aside to take a seat beside the propped up arm, zooming his eye on the grisly sight unfazed. Yes... no... this won't do at all. These bones are far too... piecemeal to support this limb. He reached to one side and grabbed a couple bits of rusted rebar and his torch. That should do nicely... Still humming to himself, Arkis sat back and let his mechanical hands begin their work.
  4. Hmm... fair points. For the sedative, I think I'll give it two modes, one to pump a concentrated dose when the gun in brought in contact with someone (for surgeries and the occasional scuffle, if the shrimpy little Arkis can even get that close), and that'd probably be like a 9, while the other mode is ranged and requires... let's say three darts to have a similar effect. But said darts would probably be around a 5, enough to just kind of slow reaction speed. As for the parts, I guess I had the idea that he or his parents had scavenged them for him, perhaps from the fallen in the aftermath of the GSR battle. I mean, these cybernetics weren't always prosthetics, it sounds like they were just as much augmentations, and that's more the spirit I had in mind for him. I'll make the appropriate edits.
  5. IC: Garuda - Tesara Outskirts She thought about it for a moment, looking back to Tilly and then her ship. "...I'll be fine," she said as she wriggled out of Tilly's arms to scamper over to the Sand Bat. IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse (Silvana Interrogation Room) "And how many more innocents are you expecting to die for you?" Mirror replied, his voice getting a little raised. Then he sighed again and pushed back from the table to leave. As he stood, he explained, "I'm going to leave this to the Captain. For your sake, I hope she's in a charitable mood." IC: Eoron - New Atero Parking District Of course, there was one Jetrax there that drew his attention beyond the rest strictly for its stark exterior. But beyond that, there wasn't anything that hinted it was the ship of scrap dealers or bounty hunters. On the other hand, as Eoron moved toward the edges of the District where those with more... illicit business tended to set up, he did find a covertly parked Rockoh... if it could even be called that. The craft seemed to barely be holding itself together, and on closer inspection through gaps in the hull, seemed to have recently held something leaking fluids. A down-on-their-luck hunter recently returned with a bounty to save their sorry hide? Perhaps. Eoron would find out. IC: Kaenis - New Atero She slowed, curious. "...you could say that."
  6. IC: Garuda - Tesara Outskirts Garuda nodded wearily, still staring at the Le-Matoran who just arrived. "Pie sounds good..." IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse (Silvana Interrogation Room) "Then, no offense, but why should we keep you around?" Mirror asked. "My city is my priority, and if I have to risk the life of a bounty hunter to keep them safe, I will." IC: Eoron - New Atero Parking District It seemed if he was to have something to report, the grunt work was up to him. Eoron started wandering between vehicles, noting each of the Jetraxes, looking for... something. Some sign of the incriminating vehicle and its owner. IC: Kaenis - New Atero Notice Board "Kaenis," she replied curtly, not seeing any harm in it. OOC: Welcome back, good to see ya
  7. Good to see you back Cap. I was hoping to get some Watson vibes with Kaenis. Anyway, seeing as we have a bit of a brawl brewing in Capstone, I thought we might want someone to patch people up... Name: Arkis Species: Iron Glatorian Gender: Male Powers: His hands are almost entirely mechanical and very precise in their movements. He also possesses a bionic eye with zooming feature. Gear: Arkis has a dart gun he’s repurposed with anesthesia, and he’s willing to use it if things get rough. If he can get close enough, a quick, concentrated dose can slowly take patients or potential combatants away to dreamland, but in dart mode, it takes three shots to deliver a similar dose. These smaller doses tend to slow reaction time incrementally until unconsciousness. Of course, he also has the classic tools of his trade. Scalpels, tweezers, bandages, handsaw, welder, wrench, hammer... Personal Aircraft: N/A Allegiance/Role: Cliffside Surgeon Personality: There are times the most disreputable citizens of Cliffside find themselves in harm’s way and are unable to show their faces to the doctors of Tesara or New Atero. That’s when they come to Arkis. He may not be the smartest or most effective surgeon, but at least he’ll keep his mouth shut for the right price. That being said, Arkis isn’t a bad guy as far as Cliffside residents go. He’s talkative and enjoys a good conversation. Some like coming to him to try to coax the secrets of his patients out of him, or just the daily gossip. He is a bit self-conscious about his appearance and skills, but takes his job seriously and tries to do no more harm than necessary. Appearance: Arkis is tall and lanky for a Glatorian, though his hunched posture doesn’t make his height evident. Even after the Iron Tribe was shunned, he kept his original coloration of sand blue and grey, with the occasional streak of red. Of course, much of this is covered by a light, ankle-length white coat. Arkis tries to keep it clean, but there are a few stains of blood and fluids that just don’t come out. Bio: Arkis was born to a family of Iron Tribe Glatorian in hiding, with parents who had spent much of their life hunted by those who believed they carried the Dreaming Plague and in search of a solution. They didn’t want their son to be forced to endure that. Arkis embraced his heritage, coming of age to leave his home just before Mata Nui fell, taking the opportunity to salvage some augmentations from the fallen. As the world rearranged itself, he found acceptance in the only place he could, Cliffside, and put his parent’s medical knowledge to use. He even dared operate on some of the new creatures that had arrived with the giant robots from the sky, and gained a reputation for cheap, adequate, and most importantly, clandestine service.
  8. IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse (Silvana Interrogation Room) "That's proof of what? Could be some robotics wiz with some new toys for all we know. If I'm to go back to the Captain and tell her Fe's back and has it out for us, I need more than your hunch." IC: Eoron - New Atero Parking District Eoron ground his teeth. "You two will be cleaning every berth from top to bottom, and you'll stay there till you drop dead if I have anything to do with it," he snapped, before wandering off to conduct his own investigation. Useless drivel.
  9. IC: Garuda - Tesara Outskirts Garuda turned her head to look at the new arrival curiously. Better than looking... well, past Tilly. IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse (Silvana Interrogation Room) Mirror sat back and took a deep breath. This interrogation stuff wasn't his usual fare, but he had to get more than suspicions to bring back to the Captain. Leaning forward again, he asked, "And do you have any proof?" IC: Eoron - New Atero Parking District "Jetrax, by the looks of it. And I mean from the north. Not northeast or northwest. Fe country." He impatiently awaited the response with a burning scowl. Surely this matter should be taken more seriously, if not by his rank alone.
  10. Always good to have some fresh faces around. Skyrise/Corpus has a Discord you could hop into to get some tips, and believe it or not we have been getting other new faces here and there in your same position.
  11. I used to frequent this place for the MOCs and art and theories. Even read (and wrote) a couple stories here and there. And though my love for Bionicle hasn't diminished, I have seen a lot of decline in those areas of the site, and most of the MOCs and art I find elsewhere anyway. Guess there's only so many times someone can ask what the difference between Stone and Earth is or come up with masks for obscure characters. What's really kept me around is actually the RP forum. Probably not the biggest or most glamorous part of the site, but we're a tight-knit bunch that's really missed the forums in the downtime for our chance to play together and explore the world we love. I also agree with Valendale in that forums are still just the most cohesive place to talk about anything.
  12. IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse (Silvana's Interrogation Room) "But this attack... it wasn't the work of a desperate band of refugees. It was premeditated. They had resources." IC: Eoron - New Atero (Parking District) He nodded, then got straight to business: "A ship was seen arriving here from the north. I hope you didn't allow a grave robber past you without a proper search."
  13. IC: Garuda - Tesara Outskirts Still clinging to her sister's legs, Garuda looked up with wide eyes. "Tilly... can we just go home now?" IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse (Silvana's Interrogation Room) "Fe is gone," he asserted, though with less certainty than he had intended. IC: Eoron - New Atero (Parking District) Between Tesara's hullabaloo and New Atero's aerial displays of strength, the Parking District was the emptiest Eoron had ever seen. Still, there were a few Jetraxes (their shape was distinctive enough to tell even at that distance), and he couldn't expect one to simply advertise "Just Returned from A Strange Course!" Even in New Atero, landing records were difficult to keep. Determined to stay his course however, Eoron decided to approach the sector's guard detail. "Gentlemen..." he offered softly, yet firmly. OOC: An old post even before the forums went down, I did have Kaenis walking away, but I'm giving you one more chance to stop her before she's gone for good. IC: Kaenis - New Atero (Message Board) Perhaps finally picking up on her cues, perhaps just staring (they always did), the Agori had gone silent, and Kaenis was taking the opportunity to struggle her way back toward her ship with her groceries. What was he after anyway?
  14. IC: Garuda - Tesara Garuda wrapped her arms around Tilly, not really interested in trying to see past her. IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse (Silvana Interrogation) In spite of himself, he leaned in. “Who?”
  15. IC: Garuda - Tesara Garuda set down just ahead of the airship and ran straight for her adopted sister. “Are you alright? I got them as fast as I could!” IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse "Is that all? Were you contacted by anyone prior to or following your arrival? Any information you have will only help you.”
  16. IC: Garuda - Tesara "Down below the city!" Garuda called back as she took off. "Don't worry, I'll tell my Zesk friends you're okay!" IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse "Good," Mirror said flatly. "Now, what brings you to Tesara?"
  17. IC: Garuda - Tesara She hurried back to her ship and revved up the engines, watching anxiously to make sure the guard was following. IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse "Funny you should say that, because the Captain suggested a way you could repay us. We'll need to know everything you did in the last 36 hours and everything you know about those robots. But for now, let's start with your name."
  18. IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse Mere moments later, Mirror found himself back at the Guardhouse, where he informed the men standing guard he had "orders from the Captain" before approaching the cell again. "I've spoken with our Captain," he told the Vortixx. "She couldn't make it herself given she's still in recovery." IC: Garuda - Tesara "I don't know. Tilly wouldn't let me see. Would you please hurry?"
  19. IC: Garuda - Tesara She shook her head soberly. "I... don't think they need help anymore. Please..."
  20. IC: Mirror - Tesara Medical Tent Mirror nodded and saluted, excusing himself from the tent to find this "Silvana" again. IC: Garuda - Tesara "My sister told me to find a Guard because there was a crime comted. There was a hand reaching out of the trash underneath Tesara where I spend time with my Zesk friends."
  21. IC: Mirror - Tesara Medical Tent "So... what would you have me do with her?" IC: Garuda - Tesara Outskirts Garuda parked the Sand Bat in a proper space (for once) and ran off into the city almost before the engines shut off. There was a guard by the exit, which she poked in the leg to ask, "Hello?"
  22. IC: Mirror - Tesara Medical Tent "I'm sure she does, but we must consider the city beyond our personal curiosities." IC: Garuda - Tesara Outskirts Garuda nodded again and ran to her ship on all fours. She couldn't resist taking a look back over her shoulder once she got there, but Matilda's hunched form spared her from the sight. From there, she didn't stop until she was flying over the city in the Sand Bat, searching for a Guard. They weren't hard to find before in the wake of the disaster.
  23. I thought I was patient enough (almost two weeks), but I did hold off making a followup post just in case you did come back. If Bacchus wants to catch her again, fine with me.
  24. IC: Mirror - Tesara Medical Tent “Captain? Are you sure that’s wise?” he asked after Tekmo had gone. “She was hardly cooperative, and every minute she’s here invites another attack. IC: Garuda - Tesara Outskirts Garuda nodded, still hiding from the fear. IC: Kaenis - New Atero Residential District Growing impatient, Kaenis snatched her bags back and shuffled back toward the Parking District as the crowds began to disperse.
  25. IC: Mirror - Tesara Medical Tent "Not exactly..." Mirror admitted. "She's a bounty hunter, likely with a long list of enemies. One of them seems to have found her in the market, but she claims she was unaware of them until after arriving. Frankly, Captain, I propose we process her as a victim and get her out of our town as quickly as possible, for as long as possible." IC: Garuda - Tesara Outskirts As soon as she recognized what was in the pile, Garuda squeaked and ducked behind Tilly, covering her eyes.
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