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    9.0   Average score based on 43 Votes
    Vital Statistics
    Set Number: 8733
    Set Name: Axonn
    Mysterious fighter for the Light
    MSRP (USD): 19.99
    Primary Color: Red
    Availability: Limited Availability
    Year Released: 2006
    Piece Count: 196
    Ages: 8+
    Alternate Set(s): Botar
    Description: Immensely powerful, Axonn was a champion of justice long before the first Toa ever came to be. He has vowed to fight the Piraka and keep them from stealing the Mask of Life! Axonn wears the Kanohi Rode, the Great Mask of Truth, which can pierce any disguise and spot any deception. His enormous axe can cleave a mountain in half, and fires pure energy from its blade!

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    Storyline Information for 8733 Axonn
    Character Type: Order of Mata Nui Member
    Classification: Good Guy
    Collectible(s) included: Kanohi
    Relative Importance: Main Character
    Tool Name: Axe
    Tool Power: Fires pure energy
    BZP Review: Click Here
    Island: Voya Nui

    A mighty member of the Order of Mata Nui, Axonn was sent with Brutaka to guard Voya Nui and the Mask of Life. Always faithful to Mata Nui, it pains Axonn greatly to see how Brutaka believes the Great Spirit has abandoned them. After he defeated Brutaka and watched as Botar took his friend into the Pit, Axonn vowed to one day rescue him. Axonn's final act to help the Toa Inika was to reveal a passageway down to Mahri Nui. He now guards the Matoran of Voya Nui, should the Piraka ever attack.

    NOTE: Although Shop @ Home notes Axonn's mask as the Roden, Greg has repeatedly stated that the story bibles say Rode. Thus, Rode it is.

    Entered into BZP database: 4 Feb 2006 by David T.
    Last Updated: 7 Jul 2009 by Sean P.

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