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    Makuta Icarax
    9.5   Average score based on 15 Votes
    Vital Statistics
    Set Number: 8953
    Set Name: Makuta Icarax
    Warrior of shadow!
    Also Known As: Icarax
    MSRP (USD): 19.99
    Primary Color: Red
    Availability: Hard to Find
    Year Released: 2008
    Piece Count: 159
    Ages: 7+
    Description: Makuta Icarax is the ultimate winged warrior of shadow! He can batter his foes with his massive shield, drive them down with his rotating shadow sword, or crush them in his clawed hands. Can any power in the universe hope to stop him?

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    Storyline Information for 8953 Makuta Icarax
    Character Type: Makuta
    Classification: Bad Guy
    Collectible(s) included: Kanohi
    Relative Importance: Supporting Character
    Main Power: Shadow
    Tool Name: Rotating Shadow Sword, Tridax Pod
    Tool Power: Tridax Pod can spread the Shadow Leeches it contains, Rotating Shadow Sword can focus his powers. Link: Click Here
    BZP Review: Click Here
    Island: Karda Nui

    Icarax is the Makuta of Karzahni. He is bold, swift to anger, and a very skilled fighter. He is armed with a Tridax Pod full of Shadow Leeches, a Rotating Shadow Sword, and a shield.

    When the Piraka raided Teridax's lair and threw his Kraahkan into the silver sea, Icarax was ordered to retrieve it. Icarax then went to Xia to retrieve the Staff of Artakha and in doing so gravely defeated Onua Nuva. When the Toa Nuva confronted him in the realm of Karzahni, Icarax managed to defeat them all but Gali, who destroyed the realm with a Nova Blast. Icarax managed to escape and gave the Staff of Artakha to the Makuta of Metru Nui.

    Antroz summoned Icarax to help them defeat the Toa in Karda Nui, but this resulted in the latter being devolved by Toa Ignika so that his body was no longer made up of energy.

    Icarax does not really believe in Teridax's Plan, thinking that it would be better to conquer the universe by force, rather than deception. When he tried to act on these beliefs, however, he ended up being soundly defeated by Teridax.

    Entered into BZP database: 7 Dec 2007 by Robert C.
    Last Updated: 6 Mar 2009 by Aiden S.

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