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    Toy Fair 2017: DC Superhero Girls Sculptures
    Hot Bionicle NewsThursday, March 2nd, 2017 at 10:18pm by Danny, BZPower Reporter

    As Andrew mentioned earlier, we're nearing the end of our coverage of the LEGO booth at Toy Fair. We've got plenty of coverage of tangential booths that we'll drip out over the next few months. I'll also take my time with covering photos of the outside of the LEGO booth. Today's feature: sculptures of Supergirl and Harley Quinn as they appear in the DC Superhero Girls line. Click through for over forty photos giving you a close-up look at these two models.

    TF17_Superhero_Girls_6697 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6698 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6699 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6700 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6701 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6702 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6703 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6704 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6705 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6706 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6707 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6708 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6709 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6710 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6711 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6712 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6713 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6714 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6715 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6717 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6718 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6719 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6720 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6721 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6722 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6723 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6724 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6725 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6726 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6727 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6728 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6729 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6730 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6731 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6732 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6733 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6734 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6735 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6736 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6737 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6738 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6739 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6740 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6741 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6742 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6743 TF17_Superhero_Girls_6744

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