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Texas Sunset


As I sit in my living room playing Forza Horizon, I pause the game and look out to my right. It has only been two or three days since my summer started, and all I’ve done is play games and do things on the computer. I have done nothing physically and I really want to get into shape. I open the blinds in my living room window, which is actually where the garage door should be. I let the rays come in and shine on down on my face. The rays began to give me new strength in motivation.


I turn off my X-Box, Stereo System, TV, and look into the living room. I have no idea when this garage was transformed into a living room, but at least it looks nice. The right wall from where I sit on the red love seat looks brighter than it was. The white, beige walls surrounding it made it feel even more serene. I take a breath in and look at my MOCs sitting on the bookshelves. Each one placed there and posed to look good, and the plastic moldings of them look brighter.


I then stand up from the love seat and wait for my eyes to adjust to the sitting position that I was in. I walk over to my room on the other side of the house, and change into some sports attire. I put on my black and red highlight New Balance shoes, black sport shorts, and my grey middle school athletic shirt and head out of the house. As I make it past the driveway, the rays hit my face, practically blinding me since I don’t have my glasses on. I take it all in and begin running to the nearby pond where I can relax and enjoy the scenery there.


As I run to end my street I look out in front of me and see the green hills far from my home. The Lost Oak reserve would be a nice place to go to at this time, but I don’t know how to drive, with the only exception being in the games that I play. The beautiful burnt summer leaves are gorgeous and the houses I pass by are astonishing. Everything about the Texas landscape is alluring to me.


From the Great Plains at the Panhandle, to the swamp in Houston, it looks great. From the Unforgiven desert in El Paso, to the hot border of Laredo, the pink sky intoxicates me. The trees, flowers, roads, and landscape make the beauty all possible. The prairie field covered hills make me want to just stop and feel the land around me.


As I arrive at the duck pond, I take some time to look at it. The pond is rather small, with a little fountain in the middle of it. Ducks roam around the entire park area and feed off the plants that we don’t see. The trees provide shade and homes by breaking into the hillside, and make holes by its roots. If I walk around where I am standing, from the hill and back in a trip, it’s about 400 yards. But the rest of the park that has picnic tables, playground, gazebo, and basketball court add at least another 400, which makes it half a mile long. Small trees can be found on the side of the hill, including some other types of plants near the hillside.


I make my way to a bench on the hill and sit down. I imagine myself finally driving a nice car with that girl that I’ve had my eye on for a while. Just driving with the top down and listening to either Hurting by Friendly Fires, or Encore by Digitalism into the sunset on the highway. The rush of the summer air and cooling breeze of the night hit my face, even though it is my imagination. Oh how I wish I’m sixteen already.


It’s probably about 7:50 or 8 o’clock, so it’s best if I head back home. As I run back home, I change the song on my MP3 to Encore by Digitalism, a truly lovely great dub-step/electronic song to listen to at this time of day. The bass fills my ears and the ambient sounds surround me with their touch. It’s a magical world out there, so why nit head out and watch the sunset.


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I have nothing to say other than that some of it sounds like awkward product placement, especially the part about the shoe brand. I appreciate details, but the inclusion of the actual brand interrupts the flow of adjectives.

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