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Trails of Fire


So many burning trails are on my mind. Either that or it’s the fact that I’m lying down on one right now after suffering severe injuries on this walk of death. But it this is what I get after being a complete stupid Matoran, and taking the blame for something that I didn’t do. So how did I get into this mess?


It all started when I was training in the lava fields, when a giant eel came out of nowhere. I heard someone had got severely hurt and had to get rushed to the hospital. Any ways, they thought I was the one who started it because I accidentally poked it in what was supposed to be his eye. Now I had no idea it was its eye, because it looked like a big piece of molten rock stuck in the lava.


So they were holding me accountable for the accident, and told me to walk the, ‘Trails of Fire.’ I first I thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t when they put me in front of trails that were actually on fire. They told me to choose my path carefully, or you will die. It’s so funny because they were three different trails that separated from each other at the beginning.


Instead of choosing the one on the left or right, I went straight forward. Now it is a burning pit of disaster, since it is really hot in here! I have walked over four miles just to die on a trail that is made of burning rocks, and flames shooting out from the side. I know I talk weird with past and present tense, but hey, that’s me.


My back is on fire, and my skull is going to melt soon if I don’t get up. “Okay time to get up from this burning pit.” I got up and looked around me, to see fire all around. “Why do I have to still walk this path? I mean it’s been four miles that I’ve walked on. Why not just walk out of it and find a new life?


So that’s what I did and I walked off the field and on to a new life, which I really have no idea what it is going to be. Maybe I might get a job in another city, or maybe just get killed. Either way, life is like a trail of fire. It just burns right through you. So yeah, that’s my life so far.



This was going to me be my second entry to the FFFC theme: Trial by Fire. But due to having to go to bed at eleven at the time I wrote this, I could not make it. So yeah, but at least my remix was good.


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