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Lewa: Faces of Daftness


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The next chapter in the Dimwit of Time series, hope you enjoy this story as much as I do.







*It had been a peaceful time in the land of Metru Nui. Antroz was seemingly defeated and everything was peaceful. There couldn’t be more peace. If there was more peace in this land, then everything would just be in an fiery deadly explosion of peace!*


Lewa: GEE, it sure is BORING around HERE.


*The king of this land was taking a drink at this moment, but then he stopped.*


Lhikan: MY BOY, this is peace is what all true warriors STRIVE FOAR.


Lewa: I just wonder what Antroz is up to!


*This “interesting” conversation is interrupted when some guy with a funny hat comes in riding a magic carpet. And somewhere else, Krekka came back to life, grew to be a giant, and smashed a house made of candy and declared “Oh fe fi fo fum fi fo fum fi fi fum fum! Hiss my name!”*


Vastus: Your Majesty, Antroz and his minions have seized the island of Koridai.


Lhikan: Hm…. I wonder what’s for DINNER?


Vastus: It is written only Lewa can defeat Antroz.


Lewa: Great! I’ll grab my stuff!


Vastus: There is no time. Your sword is enough.


*As Vastus does the Thriller dance, Lewa grabs his sword and turns to face Princess Nokama.*


Lewa: How about a kiss? For luck?


Nokama: You’ve got to be kidding.


Lewa: Well, excu-uuuuuuuse me, Princess.


*Lewa gets on the genie’s magic carpet and they fly away. And no, there will be no singing of “A Whole New World” sadly.*


Vastus: SQUADALAH! We’re off!


*Flying overhead, Lewa takes notice of some of the strange mountain formations on the island.*


Lewa: Wow! What are all those HEADS?


Vastus: These are the Faces of Daftness. You must conquer each.


Lewa: I guess I better get going.


Vastus: Here is the map. Where do you wish to go?


*After taking 3 hours to decide, Lewa goes to Crater Cove, where he finds a bunch of lizard guys, some freaky crab things, and a real working volcano. He then goes into the house of some random guy with one of those crab things.*


Hafu: Yulp yulp, that’s a bigg’un! Yulp, that’s a bigg’un. Biggest crab I ever caught! Yulp yulp yulp!


Lewa: That’s a Gohma!


Hafu: Yulp yulp, that’s a bigg’un. Here, that this!


*And so Lewa got the Power Sword, because it totally makes sense.*


Lewa: Thanks!


Hafu: Keep up the good work. After you defeat Antroz, we can go back to fishing! Yulp yulp.


*Lewa leaves, totally oblivious, and heads over to the face of Goronu… which has a shop there. Lewa beats up some of the lizard guys, takes some of their money, and heads into the shop, where an interesting shopkeeper takes care of the place.*


Strakk: Lamp oil. Rope. BOMBS. You want it? It’s yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rubies.


Lewa: Yeah!


*Lewa buys some stuff until he’s poor.*


Strakk: Sorry, Lewa, I can’t give credit. Come back when you’re a little… Mmmmmm richer!


*Lewa leaves to go to the face of Nortinka, which is full of ice, ice guys, and snow.*


Lewa: Yay! Snowball fights!


*Lewa gets rid of some enemies with the snowballs (dang, I didn’t know snowball fights could be so violent) and goes into a random igloo.*


Varian: Help! Antroz froze the fountain! Now I’m stuck.


Lewa: Sorry. I don’t like to talk anyone ice-frozen.


*Lewa finds a SECRET PASSAGE after leaving the frozen Toa to find a big brain reading a book.*


Lewa: Hey! Why are you alone, big brain?


Nuju: I’ve been dedicating time to find out how to stop Antroz. I need the Book of Koridai.


Lewa: Okay by me.


Nuju: Find the Book of Koridai, and then I will be able to help you further.


Lewa: Got it, weird-freak.


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