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Risky Acquisition

Pahrak Model ZX

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The fish slowly swam in a circle, surveying the area in detail. Something had disturbed the water nearby. No predators were visible, but it could not shake the feeling that it was being watched.


Hahli felt a little guilty. While taking a swim, she had noticed a Rahi she was unfamiliar with and decided to observe it. Using her Kanohi Faxon, she had copied the camouflage ability of one of the creatures from Ga-Wahi and swam along behind her mark. Apparently it had detected her and, possibly suspecting she meant it harm, was now on high alert.


The Rahi was remarkable. Though mostly organic, plates of red armor were attached to its sides, and what appeared to be thin blades jutted off its rear fin. It was rather large—about the size of the Toa’s head—but moved swiftly through the currents with powerful strokes of its fins. The other Rahi had done their best to avoid it. Though unsure, Hahli suspected they feared this one much as it did her.


Perhaps I should find out why.


She deactivated her Kanohi. Immediately she became visible, startling the fish and making it halt its movements. It remained still for a matter of seconds before charging Hahli.


Being a Toa, Hahli saw no reason to fear the attack. That was when its organic components suddenly transmuted into armor. Hahli had no time to react—the now fully-armored fish rammed directly into her midsection, catching her off-guard and knocking the wind out of her. She attempted to recover, but the Rahi swiveled around and drew its bladed fin against her armor, leaving a shallow gash that was more surprising than painful.


Despite its aggression, Hahli did not want to hurt the creature. Rather than using her claws or fins to bat it aside, she reached out to the water around her and summoned a powerful current aimed directly at her attacker. The Rahi refused to give up and fought against it. Hahli increased the power, sending the fish tumbling away, and then flexed her fins and shot up towards the surface.


“Why are all the Rahi out here so mean?” she muttered as she stepped onto the shore.


As she walked, she thought back to the attack, activating her Kanohi as she did so. Her skin turned to armor—she could feel herself getting slightly heavier, but she was still able to move about freely. If there were any drawbacks to the ability, she could not see them.


Well, if nothing else…this should come in handy.

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