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Thing that you last watched?

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The pilot episode for ABC's "Forever". Watched the second episode last night, and really enjoyed it. So I went back and watched the first one. Judging by the first two episodes, it looks like they're setting up a James Moriarty-esque story arc. They probably have their reasons, but, personally, I think 'arch-nemesis' arcs should wait till at least the second season. They work better that way.

Overall, I like it. And I look forward to the next episode.


"Why can't I dream that I'm alone?" "That is not a dream, that is a substitute for reality"

"So where is my dream?" "it is a continuation of reality"

"But where is my reality?" "It is at the end of your dream"

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The pilot episode of Gotham.


Not really a Batman fan (my entire experience with Batman is the back half of Dark Knight), but the people involved got me interested. Enjoyable enough that I'll be coming back next week.


That was actually what I was going to post 

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I decided to watch my copy of The LEGO Movie again yesterday. It was the first time I had watched it since I started playing the videogame, and I was able to easily notice the differences between the cutscenes in the game and their respective scenes in the actual movie.

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These days, I am perhaps best known for my obsession with all Lego video games.

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