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It's called ATLAS FIST PUMP FTW, in my own words xD and the robot (atlas) is from portal 2, not portal but, aboyt ypou sig:a bionicle fan announcing his love for bionicle, links to his topics, and a large lacking of images

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Why does that Cofagrigus have 4 arms?

That one pony seems much less serious than the others, or maybe it's much more happy?

Which one?
The black one with a purse. Also, heavily armored pony there. It looks like he means srs bsns.
She sings. Helps keep the mood up I suppose, since they're in a nuke-ravaged wasteland. :P And yes.

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So that's where the game is.... I spy a small herd of awesome Foalout ponies.

~Avatar's original image was made by the incomparable Egophiliac.~


~Electronic Manic Supersonic Bionic Energy~


~"If I am afraid of criticism, I won't be able to challenge anything new." - BoA~


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