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Trouble with Takea


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Did you know Takea sharks prey closer to Matoran settlements than one might think? They actually hunt within 1 kio of a settlement, since their preferred diet generally accumulates within that area.


Just some trivia, but it's something to look out for if you ever go fishing. Like I was on that fateful day, the day I made my biggest catch ever.


I'm a Po-Matoran. Guys like me, we prefer carving, shaping, Kolhii, anything that takes advantage of our strength. We don't lava surf, we don't swing on vines or dig out tunnels to other Koros. We don't predict the future, we don't find ourselves in snowstorms, and we absolutely do not go fishing. Or anywhere near the sea, for that matter. The closest I've gone is buying a Makuta Fish near the shore. I spent the rest of the day overcoming sickness from just being close to water.


And so, one day, I find myself closer to the sea than I would ever have agreed to, at least under normal circumstances. I'm leaning back on my chair, situated in the middle of a fishing boat, floating in the middle of the sea, and looking as calm as possible. The key word here being “looking”.


Because let's face it, EVERY Po-Matoran is scared of water. It's the darkness to our light, the Makuta to our Toa. You get the point.


Anyways, I've somehow managed a straight face, which I wouldn't have been able to alone. Here, I have an Onu-Matoran and a Ga-Matoran for company. Which lessens the paralyzing fear in my mind.


It's mostly the Ga-Matoran. I've had my eye on her for a while. She's not a bad pick, and word's being going around about her recently. Oh, how I want her heartlight to flash when I hold her, how I want her mask to touch mine's.


First come, first serve, and I just so happened to share first with this joker. He's blind, has bad taste, and obviously doesn't want to be here any more than I do. That's one thing we have in common. The second thing is an interest in her. The third thing is enmity toward each other.


There is one difference though: I had a plan.


The Ga-Matoran is a major fishing enthusiast, so when I and this mini-Makuta asked her if we could go fishing, of course she took us out to sea.


“All the fish are gathered in this spot. We're about three quarters of a kio away from the village, so we can get back pretty quick.” She hands us three rods, each made out of some strong bamboo. We get out our lures, chose a spot, and fish.


Did you know Takea shark love the smell of a Makuta fish?


I feel a tug on my rod. Something fell for the lure and is currently either a Takea shark or engaging in an unwitting act of cannibalism on a poor Makuta Fish piece.


I look over. There they are, the unmistakable twin rubies, the twin wells of blood. They're situated on a snout, under which is a mouth filled with teeth which would make even Makuta cry for help. Those teeth are clamped on the little bite I used as my lure.


My heart starts pounding. I'm not really doing this, right? I'm not going to actually go ahead with the plan. It's insane, it's worse than what that fool Akhmou was doing with the Comet balls. Where's your sense of Unity?


I mull it over. I almost lose the shark.


I strengthen my resolve.


I'm trying to increase my sense of Unity. That Ga-Matoran is what matters now. It's my duty to get her. It's my destiny to be with her.


“Hey, guys! I think I got something!”


The Onu-Matoran rushes over to my side, tipping the boat over.


“What, what is it? Lemme see!” He's oblivious to the absolute paralysis of the Ga-Matoran.


Did you know the only thing Takea shark love more than a Makuta fish is fresh Matoran?


“Alright, time to reel it in!”


I yank the rod up, draw on all of my Po-Matoran strength, and watch as the shark flies, arcs through the air. It's so beautiful, so graceful, that I forget my inner nagging doubts.


What's even more beautiful is the Ga-Matoran I will soon be calling my own.


The shark lands perfectly onto the boat, its mouth wide open, then shut in the next instant. The Onu-Matoran is screaming and yelling for help as he gets devoured by the beast. The Ga-Matoran is in shock, rigid as a statue.


Time to put my plan into motion.


I start screaming, going crazy, acting out fear. I lunge at the beast, whipping out my handy carver's knife. It's the first time I've ever used it to kill, but you won't believe how useful it is.


By the time I'm done, the Takea is about ready to be cooked and served, and I somehow obtained the Onu-Matoran's mask. The Ga-Matoran's passed out, and the Onu-Matoran...well, the Takea had a good meal before it went out.


I start adjusting my mask, bring out the Onu-Matoran's mask as proof that I tried to save him, and start crying. Part of it's fake, and part of it's real.


I shake the Ga-Matoran awake, who gets up and looks around to analyze what happened. When she sees the Takea, she remembers...and she starts crying. I hold her in my arms, tell her it will be alright. That I tried to save him. She replies by saying she's sorry, she should've told us Takea were around in these areas. She tells me I saved her. The tears mingle with the splashes of water on her mask.


And all this while, I'm just thinking about how wonderfully it went. I went fishing, and I'm returning home with a catch. The best catch I've ever made.


Oh, it's a magical world, ain't it?



Word Count - 996

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