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The Bionicle Comics Narration


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OK, I had a [hopefully] great idea the other day - Why not write out the comics into a story-like style?


So here I will be posting what I do of that. Now you may ask why I put them in Epics instead of Short Stories. I did it because I will (hopefully, if you guys like it enough) continue writing the comics. I will be posting them all in here.


I will probably be posting them in half-comic sections.


The review topic is here.

OK, here is Chapter 1 (each chapter will be half of a comic).



The island of Mata Nui was once a paradise – until the entity known as Makuta arrived, transforming it into a land of darkness and evil. The natives, called Tohunga, and their leaders, the Turaga, have waited and hoped for heroes who would conquer Makuta and save their home. Now their waiting has come to an end. Six mighty warriors, known as Toa, have arrived on Mata Nui. Each controls a force of nature – fire, air, earth, water, stone, ice. But to triumph over Makuta, they must gather the Kanohi Masks of Power, which give them greater skills, abilities, and wisdom. The more masks they collect, the more powerful the Toa become. Finding the Masks takes great courage, for Makuta controls the land, sea, and sky of Mata Nui. He also commands a host of terrible creatures known as Rahi, as well as the Manas, fierce predators with power that no single Toa can withstand… If the Toa hope to win, they must find the power of the Masks!

Find the Power!


Small crabs crawled around on a large metal canister that had recently washed up on a beach. It hissed slightly when some of them reached the top, frightening and scattering the crabs. In a moment, the front of the canister blew off. With it came a few white-tinted body parts, though they looked far from dead, along with a few pieces of the same color armor. The eyes of what looked like the head of whatever it had been started glowing a bright blue. The head was attached to what must have been the torso of the figure, of which one arm was still intact.

The working arm groped around for its pair, then pushed it into place at the figure's shoulder. Thoughts came into the mind of the partly-together figure.

I have slept for so long. my dreams have been dark ones.

He attached one leg after another into where his hips were.

But now I am awakened.

He picked up a mask laying in the sand, one of the few remaining pieces of his body. He pressed it onto his face.

Now the scattered elemens of my being are rejoined. Now, I am whole.

He stood up, stretching his muscles. He glanced down at a white sword stuck at an odd angle into the sand. He leaned over and picked it up, getting a feel for its weight and balance.

And the darkness cannot stand before me.




The being walked off the beach towards a valley filled with snow. As he walked, thoughts were racing through his mind.

The evil on this island is about to learn that justice can be very...cold.

He continued walking, but noticed something, or someone, in the very corner of his vision.

My mask lets me see pathways not seen before--patterns of head--even through the rock. And I see that I have a visitor.

He turn towards what he saw, a small figure hiding - or trying to hide in any case - behind an outcropping of snow-covered rock.

"Come out, little one, before you catch a chill." the white figure said to him.

The small figure, who also wore white and a similar mask, started running away.

My new friend tries to flee, but a coating of ice beneath his feet will bring him sliding back to me, he decides.

He swung his sword down onto the earth, sending a ripple of ice through the ground.

"Stay," he commanded.

"Yaaah!" the smaller figure yelled.

Interesting, the larger figure thought. The power is in me. The sword is but the focus.

"We have things to discuss." he said.

The smaller figure was still tumbling in the snow and ice, but when he heard the other being speak, he made an effort to recover himself.

"Who are you? And why were you watching me?" The larger white being demanded.

"I...I am Matoro, a Tohunga. I saw you come ashore. I've been waiting for you."

The larger figure leaned in closer to Matoro, who, in response, leaned in as well.

"All of us here on Mata Nui have been waiting for you and the others. Now if only you can find the masks of power..." Matoro tried continuing to speak, but the other cut him off.

"What 'others'? What masks?"


Matoro told him, in the best way he could, about what he knew about him. When Matoro asked for his name, he automatically responded, saying "Kopaka". As soon as the words had left his mouth he knew they were true, but he wondered how he knew. Kopaka thought the entire time Matoro spoke.

His tale is broken. Incomplete. But it is the tale told in my dreams, or close to it. I have been summoned--I and others--to challenge a mighty evil. To defeat it, I will need great power. The Kanohi masks will give me that power.

Once Matoro finished speaking, Kopaka spoke again.

"Tell me where to find these masks."

"They are lost. Scattered. Hidden all over Mata Nui. Some are guarded by nightmare creatures...others hidden where no Tohunga could reach. Turaga Nuju, the village elder, spoke of a mask of shielding, hidden in the place of far-seeing."

"'Place of far-seeing'? Your Turaga speaks in riddles."

Kopaka turned away from the still-sitting Matoro. Matoro took the hint and got up and followed Kopaka.

"I hate riddles."




The tracks they left were not left alone or buried by more snow. They were seen by a creature not unlike those Matoro mentioned.




The two of them kept walking until the valley opened up into a chasm of indeterminable depth. On one side of the chasm was a steep icy cliff, and on the other, absolute nothingness. Kopaka and Matoro stopped at the edge.

“My people are planning an ice bridge to span this chasm—in your honor,” Matoro said.

“Until then, I will make my own. I--” Kopaka started.

A creature, the same one who had been tracking them for around an hour, charged up from behind them.

“No!” Kopaka yelled.

The monstrous creature knocked Matoro off of the edge. Right before he fell, he shouted to Kopaka.

“Kopaka! Watch out!”

Kopaka lept over the edge, grasping for Matoro's hand. After a few perilous moments, they grabbed each other by the arm.

Kopaka pulled Matoro higher up and held him around his middle.

“Don’t struggle! You’re safe now!”

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