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The Tobduk contest happened back in the days of the old fourms, which are now the archives. Sadly, the archives are down right now, so you can't reach the actual contest topic.


An image search for something like "tobduk MoC contest BIONICLE" should get you a lot of the entries though.


And for reference, I think this would go in the Q&A forum.


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I was curious and tried to find cache pages for this, but unfortunately google has apparently updated their cache files to June of this year so now the only results are blank (as the archive currently looks). So a month too late to see it, it would seem (if it was ever cached). And no other attempts worked other than a general image search.


So, google "tobduk contest" under the image search or the like; that seems to be the only option short of the BS01 staff providing it from offline records. :)

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