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Discord, the spirit of disharmony from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic





The MOC itself can be seen as chaos. So many different styles of building and fusion of pieces. As you can see, one limb only exists out of 5 pieces while another is made out of 30. This MOC is more of a sculpture moc instead of a regular Bionicle one (so almost no articulation). The tan arm was the most difficult one to make. Because that's one of the colors where I don't have many pieces in, so I had to do it with what I had. I worked two full days on it, one day on the legs and arms and another on the body, head and tail.

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This is actually really brilliant. You've captured many of the little details of the character's body and in general the shaping is just excellent. The only thing I could maybe possibly mention are the legs? I really like the green one but the brown one is a bit thin, especially since they're portrayed as being of almost-equal size in the show. Then again, the practical limitations of working in brown is astounding and I think you've done a pretty good job with it already.

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I freaking love this because is so accurate. I have only seen one other and yours beats the crud out of it.Can you make Luna or an alicorn in general? And before I forget *brohoof*

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Very nice! I like the way its very colourful, although I'm surprised that it stands up- the legs, while looking awesome, don't seem to be very strong, but I suppose that the tail helps. Great MoC, very detailed.

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