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Bionicle Park Tycoon 2!

Hewkii Inika

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(Fancy banner to come when I'm not feeling so lazy. :P )


Back on the old forums, I made a couple of games, some of them finished, some of them not (RIP Bionicle Swarms...) However, my biggest success was Bionicle Park Tycoon, a business-strategy game where you make a theme park in the Bionicle world, with helpful tips from Mata Nui (President of Bionicle ParK), Lewa (Ride Manager), Mr. Zesk (Shop Manager), Nuju (Finance Director) and so on. There were about 10 rides or so to build, a couple of shops, and so on. Nothing huge in scope like Roller Coaster Tycoon, but hey, I'm just one man. (Although technically the original RCT was made almost entirely one man too, Chris Sawyer, but that's beside the point)


Well, today I'm officially announcing the sequel: Bionicle Park Tycoon 2! :D (A more creative name might be coming later...)


This game will be much, much bigger. Not only are there more rides, many more shops, and a new type of attraction called sideshows (in case anyone doesn't know, those are games people play at a theme park to win prizes, like those strength tests or shooting gallery thingies), but there will also be a campaign, with unlockable items as prizes! B-) The gameplay will be more complex as well: everything you build with the exception of scenery items will have a daily upkeep, which raises or lowers depending on the speed or length of the ride. Roller coasters are no longer as limiting to build, too. In the first game, there was a set number of pylons for each roller coaster; no more, no less. Now you can be more creative: with each coaster you can have anywhere from five to twenty-five pylons, creating the coaster of your dreams! :o Also, the user interface is blue this time, whereas it was red before. :P


While a playable demo still isn't ready yet, i do have screenshots and a video! I'll try to get the demo ready ASAP.




A normal, everyday park

A slightly more cluttered park

The list of rides. Feel free to ask me about one of them for details

And the list of shops.

Nighttime shot!



Gameplay Video 1 - This shows me starting a park, build a Teri-Go-Round, a Mukau Burger shop, and a Krana Koaster. Yes, those are the only three things buildable now, in case you were wondering, but that'll change soon, I promise!

Gameplay Video 2 - This shows what will be the very last scenario in the campaign: build a theme park in the ZONE OF SHADOWS! :o


And, just in case anyone's curious or wants to relive playing the original, here's a download link for the first Bionicle Park Tycoon.


More to come! LOTS more! :D What do you think so far?

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I think it looks very nice. You have a decent variety of features planned, and the ones shown in the video looks well-made already. I especially liked that you have actually given people the option to design their own ride for the coaster, which I think was a big selling point for Roller Coaster Tycoon. Minor nitpick is that some graphics might need a slight update - the coaster track itself in particular - but that can be touched up as you go. It's also slightly strange that the rides are completely top-down while the characters are not, but it works.Looking forward to a playable demo of this. :)

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Oh wow, you're right! :blink: Well, I updated the link with a new version of the file. I guarantee you there was no virus on that file, but I don't want to make anyone nervous, so I made a new file of it. Sorry about that! Let me know if it works now.


And thanks, guys. ^_^ Yeah, I'm aware it looks a bit weird that the guests are side-view but the rest is top down, but in the original all you saw were their masks, and I didn't like that as much, so I changed it. This makes them a bit more complex: they have walking animations now, for instance.

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Thanks! :D I feel so honored that I've made something you and your family have spent so much time on. Always nice for someone to have something they've made to be appreciated. :)


Added a couple of new things. An idea I had for the original was day and night, but the lighting engine I used had a lot of bugs, so I got rid of it. This one doesn't have any I've seen so far, so it's back in! I also have a video for an idea I have for the final scenario in the campaign: build a successful theme park in the Zone of Shadows! (the dimension where Zivon came from, in case you forgot). Trust me, it'll be a toughie. ;)

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I'd like to point out a little issue with the previous version that you might be able to fix for the new one: the more customers arrive, the less satisfied they become. Customers never left and the level of happiness kept decreasing no matter what you did.


Still, that didn't hinder gameplay. The night and day thing sounds really cool and adds to the realism of the game. Seriously, I'm dying to play the new version! :D

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