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If you check Bioniclestory.com often you can see that they haven't added a new chapter to the serial in a while. I heard that it was because Greg had to take care of his family so he temporarily stopped. But the question is will he begin again?


Just recently bionicle.com and bioniclestory.com were taken down, hence I am losing hope that more will be made. If Greg can at least finish the serials he is working on that will be great...


Some info has already been leaked onto BZPower. Such as it was found out that the great being mentioned in The Yesterday Quest was Veilika (the brown matoran from 2006).


This proves that greg is still comming up with ideas, but will they be officially released, or will they have to be leaked?



Post your thoughts and opinions below...


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I heard that it was because Greg had to take care of his family so he temporarily stopped.

"Temporarily" is the mistake here. There was never any promise that he would definitely get back to it. It was more than just personal issues; it was work without pay, and he went on to work on other things, plus he probably just lost interest in what amounted to an extended epilogue.


For the moment, there is not much hope the serials will ever be finished. Until such time as Greg changes his mind on that, that will remain the answer.


And since that answers the question, the topic will now be closed. ^_^


Also, nitpick: those details weren't "leaked" (as that would imply someone snuck them out against Greg's will) but revealed by Greg. :P But I know whatcha mean lol.



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