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Well, this forum seems to be a bit slow lately, so I thought I'd post something I just threw together. I was at a conference this week when, suddenly, "Move Along" came from a nearby club, and I immediately thought of those Inika commercials, so I decided to draw Matoro, just because he's the best. I sketched it out on lined paper over the course of 45 min. or so, erasing and coming back to different areas throughout several hours until I was fairly satisfied with the result. I've been really working on human proportion lately and trying to develop my style of Bionicle drawing, so this was really a test of my newer style. I also wanted to try out some new Photoshop techniques, so I hope they don't distract too much.

Move Along


"...When all you got to keep is strong/

Move along, move along, like I know you do/

And even when all hope is gone/

Move along, move along just to make it through..."


All American Rejects for the lyrics

SheridanJ for the lens flare

LEGO for being awesome and coming up with the original design

Photoshop for the effects

I do have a few other sketches lying around everywhere that I've just been testing with, but this one was by far the best, especially with some of those effects. I may try to post some of them later. Thanks for viewing, please comment, critique, and share...you know, if you want and all that.

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Cool drawing i cannot what so ever draw a good 2006 Toa. style of the arms looks like a mix between set and a movie style that blends nicely with the rest of the body. My question is tho it says the file is a GIF image but nothing happens in was that a messup?

one day this will contain greatness only the best. But take this with the ocean of salt then you will know what to expect from this

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SPEAK TO ME!!! And all-


Wut. XD


Any way nice job. I like how your drawing (or I'm assuming it was) is based off the commercial when the Inika walk up to the fence (or maybe I'm just being a little biased?) or at least that what I thought. I do think the eye glow is a little distracting I think you should've that for his sword and the effect you did for the sword should've been done with his eyes (of course; it would have to be changed a little, well what I meant was make it a lil' less distracting and more opaque as well as being not as wide.). Other wise; wonderful job Click!

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