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Some of the links on the BIONICLE website can be hard to access even with the Wayback Machine, though, due to the way so many things on the old site were accessed via drop-down menus and the Wayback Machine doesn't necessarily like those URLs. On my old computer I think I have bookmarks of the direct URLs for many archived BIONICLE.com pages (for instance, the old Kraata guide). I'll see if I can fish some of those up. I know the pages are archived; it's just sometimes hard to access them even via the Wayback Machine.EDIT: OK, here are a couple of nice pages that are a bit hard to access normally:

  • [*]
Matoran page[*]Creatures page (remember the days when smaller creatures weren't classed as Rahi?)[*]Kraata page (which, like most versions of the Kraata chart, uses official LEGO color names, and is where I learned a number of them)[*]Updates page (short story snippets presented as news articles written by Takua)

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