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Bonnie Crusher has always been an upstanding, hard-working and courageous Hero.

That said, she hates everything. And I mean everything. She maintains a list. It's pretty nuts, my friend.

Which is why her recent encounter with The Brain Slugs concerns us.


You can see why.

We've put together a brief profile of her, so you should be able to handle the situation just fine.


Or not.

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I have no HF sets or parts, and so no experience of the building system, but based on other primarily HF based creations I've seen, this is brilliant. I think what really warms me to it is that the back is armoured. HF sets and MOCs always have really gappy parts in the armour, and often the skeleton is just totally visible from behind. The torso here is much more complete here. The integration of the brain slug is expertly done, it took me a while to spot it, and the scorpion sting really looks like a continuation of it, slug and hero are one, and the spikes on the arms and shins really finish that look off nicely.

- Taipu1.


HighFly Matoran


BZPRPG Profiles

Have you seen my Blog? I understand if you haven't

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